Pope Francis saves Muslim minority in CAR!

CentralAfricanRepublic64[1]On December 10, 2015, National Catholic Reporter, claimed that the Christian militia anti-Balaka agreed signed a non-aggression pact with its rival Muslim militia Seleka ahead of Pope Francis’ November 29-30 visit to Catholic majority Central African Republic (CAR).

What a coincident! The non-aggression pact was signed on November 13, the day Israeli Mossad pulled another deadly false flage operation in Paris in order to stop violence ahead of pope’s visit.

The Christian militias and foreign mercenaries began ethnic-cleansing of CAR’s Muslim minority after Seleka fighters seized the capital of Bangui and disposed country’s pro-West president Gen. Francois Bozize in in March 2013. Since then Seleka fighters were forced out of Bangui as result of France’ Operation Sangaris, a military/police operation. The power vacuum was then filled by Christian militias – but have refused to allow Bozize to return to power.

On 5 December 2013, while Operation Sangaris was still in operation, anti-Balaka supporters armed with machetes, launched attacks and massacred many Muslims whom they accused of supporting the Seleka from the north, predominantly Muslim too – divide and rule, the legacy of French colonialism is taking its toll. According to the weekly Jeune Afrique, it was not just retaliation, but a professional military attack coordinated by the son of former President Bozizé. More than 600 people were killed in the capital Bangui. Since then, the image of the conflict became greatly blurred. While they are saying that they are neutral, French forces are accused by Muslims of siding with Christians.

Both militias agreed to a ceasefire in 2014 which was broken by the Christian militia.

In July 2015, the Amnesty International reported that Muslim minority (15%) in CAR is practically being ethnically-cleansed. On August 1, 2015, London-based Amnesty International has reported that Muslims returning to western area of CAR are forced to abandon their religion by the anti-Balaka Christian thugs.

In February 2014, Peter Bouckaert, Emergency Director of Jewish-controlled US-based Human Rights Watch visited CAR as head of an investigative team.  He told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour “the Muslim population of the Central African Republic is facing an unprecedented wave of violence. We were in the country for just over three weeks and personally witnessed 12 lynching’s or attempted lynching’s – it’s a scene of absolute brutality in the Central African Republic at the moment.”

Bozize, a former army chief of staff, took power on 15 March 2003 when he ousted President Ange-Felix Patasse after leading a six-month rebellion. CAR’s self-proclaimed emperor Jean-Bedek Bokassa appointed Bozize brigadier-general in 1978, when he was just 32 years old. Former President David Dacko ousted Bokassa in 1979 and appointed Bozize the defence minister.

CAR, a French colony got its independence in 1960. The nation of only five million, is rich in gold, uranium and diamonds. The gold and diamond mines are owned by French and American Jew-own corporations. French economy without its African colonies has gone to dogs. That’s the reason it’s desperate to exploit the natural resources of its former colonies. France has sent army into Mali, Ivory Coast and Sarkozy was in front to topple Qaddafi in Libya, which was the most rich and liberal nation in the entire African continent.

Israeli academic and author, professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, 72, in his book, Israeli Connection: Whom Israel arms and Why, wrote: “The relation of Israel with Central African Republic were closest when it was Central African Empire (1976-79), under the murderous, demented regime of Emperor Bokassa, who has first ruled as Marshal after a year-end coup in 1965. The imperial army was trained and armed by Israel, and Bokassa closest adviser was a retired Israeli Gen. Shmuel Gonen. After Bokassa was overthrown, there was a secret visit by Ezer Weizman (Israel’s minister of defense and later president of the Zionist entity) to the restored republic in December 1979. It’s followed by a visit by Gen. Ariel Sharon in 1981….”

And finally, did you know, CAR is among the few countries, whose citizens don’t require a visa to visit Israel.


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