Ramsey Clark: US killed 500,000 babies in Iraq before 9/11

In June 2015, a team of US investigators and lawyers led by former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, sued George Bush and his senior administration officials over illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 on Jewish Purim night.

The war against US-puppet Saddam Hussein by the US and the Zionist-controlled European nations’ bloody war began in 1991 as result of his failure to topple Islamic regime in Tehran during 8-year of Iraqi invasion of Iran. The war was funded by Saudi Arabia, Emir of Kuwait, the US, Israel, France and Britain.

Recently, Ramsey Clark appeared on RT show hosted by Abby Martin (watch below). During the interview Clark narrated the horrors Iraqi people especially children suffered at the hands of US administration since 1991.

Philip Zelikow (Jewish), former senior official of the so-called “9/11 Commission”, admitted on September 10, 2002 that Iraq was invaded by the US forces because Saddam Hussein became a threat to Israel.

Former US secretary of state, Madeleine Albright (Jewish) had claimed that killing of 500,000 Iraqi babies was worth the price (to remove threat to Israel).

Donald Trump is not the first anti-Muslim American bigot. The great majority of US Congressmen and Senators including Hillary Clinton and John McCain have a long history of voting in favor of Israel’s proxy wars against Muslims. In 2002, Republican-led Congress 196:133, and Democratic-led Senate 77:23 voted authorizing Bush to attack Iraq blaming Saddam Hussein for 9/11 attacks.

Earlier this year, Ramsey Clark visited Syria as part of anti-war activists  delegation. In an interview he gave to Syrian TV, Clark accused United States of training anti-Assad rebels.

Ramsey Clark visited the Islamic Republic in January 1979. He was accompanied by Jewish professor Richard Falk, former UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights for the Palestinian Territories and Philip Luce. The three met Ayatullah Mahmoud Taleghani and Ayatullah Shariat Maderi in Tehran. On their way back home, they made a stop in Paris and met Imam Khomeini then living in Paris in exile. This bold action was not approved by the powerful Jewish lobby groups. Thus, all three have been demonized by the Lobby since then.

In September 2012, Ramsey Clark also met Iran’s then President Dr. Ahmadinejad who was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly. He was accompanied by Louis Farrakhan and Leah Bolger, president of Veterans for Peace. The Zionist-controlled media immediated awarded them the honor of Antisemitism.

Ramsey Clark, like billions around the world, doesn’t buy the official 9/11 story. “Americans have to demand the truth and justice. It’s the imperative responsibility of the American people to relentlessly pursue investigation, indictment, and prosecution of those responsible for 9/11 inside the US,” Clark said.


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