Stephen Berkoff: Leave Al-Aqsa Mosque alone

On December 10, 2015, British veteran Jewish writer, actor and director Stevphen Berkoff, 78, penned an Op-Ed for Israel’s top British Hasbara organ, Jewish Chronicle, in which he slammed Israeli Jew extremists for the “most pointless bloodshed caused by their boneheaded desire to fulfill their need to shtup (Yidish for gross and selfish need) themselves into the Al-Aqsa Mosque area”.

Berkoff said freedom to walk along Tel Aviv beach is what should be sacred to Israeli Jews. “We must not risk this for something so utterly trivial, so shallow, just to fulfill our nostalgic needs,” he said.

He adds: “Why is there such an important need to step into the place where once the Jewish temples stood? It has gone, gone, over 2,000 years ago. Get over it!”

Berkoff who has played parts of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, is no ‘self-hating’ Jew. In an earlier interview he gave to Jewish Chronicle in 2009, Berkoff claimed that Zionism is political wing of Judaism, and one cannot survive without the other. He also equated anti-Zionism with antisemitism. However, he said that he despised extremist leaders like Arial Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu because they delegitimize Israel and make people hate Jews more.

In November 2014, in an interview Berkoff gave to Nathan Bevan, he called BBC “garbage”, and dubbed critics “a sordid bunch of bilious scum”.

Richard Edmondson posted a good article on Israeli Jewish plan to build the so-called ‘Third Temple of Mount’ on top of the so-called Wailing Wall which in fact used to be part of an old Roman fortress.

UK’s Bishop Stephen Sizer is of the opinion that building of the Third Temple at Al-Aqsa complex is against Bible.



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