Muhammad Ali takes a ‘punch’ at Trump

MuhammadAli7[1]On Wednesday, former world boxing champion, and world’s most popular American, Muhammad Ali, joined world leaders in condemning GOP front-runner 2016 president candidate, billionaire Donald Trump, with a Jewish daughter, for his non-stop bigotry against 1.8 billion world Muslims and Islam.

We as Muslims have to stand up to those who use Islam to advance their own personal agenda. They have alienated many from learning about Islam. True Muslims know or should know that it goes against our religion to try and force Islam on anybody,” Ali said in a statement.

Ali was responding to Donald Trump’s call on Monday for “total and complete shutdown of Muslims” in the wake of a shooting in San Bernardino, carried out by Craft International mercenaries that provide training to the US Army. The Craft International was co-founded by US Seal sniper Chris Kyle.

Donald Trump has received an invitation to visit Israel from his match: Benjamin Netanyahu.

Scottish minister and several lawmakers have called on British government to ban Trump from entering United Kingdom.

On November 14, 2005, Muhammad Ali received nation’s highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, from president George Bush, who hailed Ali as a fierce fighter and man of peace.

Last month, Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville celebrated its 10th anniversary.


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