Fox News suspends ‘political pundits’ for insulting Obama!

I was amused to hear on Monday that Israel-First Rupert Murdoch’s anti-Muslim Fox News suspended two pro-Israel “political pundits” for using vulgar language on air while criticizing America’s first Jewish president Barack Obama over his none kosher resolution to keep fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

One is US Army Lt. Col. (ret) Ralph Peters, a professional liar and hate-mongering Zionist, and the other, Afro-American Hollywood actress Stacy Lauretta Dash. She at age 48 has already changed three husbands – not a bad record considering a Jewish wife cannot demand divorce in Israel, and a Hindu widow cannot remarry in India – the only two “democracies” in the region!

I mean this guy is such a total pussy, it’s stunning, Peters said.

I felt like he could give a shit – excuse me, like he care less, Dash said.

Fox News policy allows its commentators to insult Christmas, Islam, and anyone the Organized Jewry doesn’t like under ‘freedom of speech’ constitutional rights. However, those rights don’t apply to criticism of Israel or Holocaust (here). Both were suspended with full pay for two weeks each.

In 2006, Ralph Peters authored a plan, entitled, Blood Borders: A proposal to redraw a “New Middle East”. The plan called upon America to further breakdown Muslim nation-states in the region on ethnic basis for Israel’s benefit. The plan has become the official policy of the Jewish-controlled United States. All the US military and propaganda wars going on in the region (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, etc.) are part of Peters’ plan.


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