French Jews and Neo-Nazis united against Muslims

LePenDefaced[1]On Sunday, Marine Le Pen’s National Front won the first round of local elections in France. A large number of French Jews broke their anti-NF rank and voted for the party which had been labeled Neo-Nazi and its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen being a Holocaust denier by country’s Jewish Lobby CRIF for decades. Why? On December 8, Jerusalem-based The Times of Israel explained it by a headline, “As French Jews vote for Le Pen, a case of the Enemy of my (Muslim) Enemy?”

Increasingly, Jews – after years of being on the frontlines of France’s war on terror – are voting for the party that is seen to be toughest on security. For them, after 10 years of living in big city suburbs facing antisemitic insults and even physical attacks from their largely Muslim immigrant neighbors, one could say the party’s strong xenophobic stance has a certain je ne sais quoi,” wrote editor Amanda Borschel-Dan.

Interestingly, since Mossad’s Charlie Hebdo false flag operation followed by last month’s shooting at Paris Jewish Theatre, the anti-Muslim immigration National Front has benefited the most nationally.

According to Jewish news website France 24, National Front garnered 28% of total votes, followed by The Republican (27%) led by former French Jewish president Nicolas Sarkozy, and the current Jewish president Francois Hollande’s Socialists (23.5%).

This is, no doubt, the greatest victory for an anti-immigration European political party since WWII.

Hailing her part’s victory, Marine Le Pen declared: “We are without question the first party of France.”

Following the publication of the result, the CRIF has called upon French Jews to vote against National Front in the runoff on December 13.

Like British opposition Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Marine Le Pen, is also closely connected with the Tribe. She has kicked her father Jean-Marie from her party over questioning Holocaust in the past. She also has a Jewish boyfriend by the name Louis Aliot.

In an interview Marine gave to Adar Primor of Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, in 2011, she claimed that she has no problem with Jews. But she refused to bless the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. “I consider it a political mistake and would like to make it clear in this context that we must have the right to criticize the policy of the State of Israel – just as we are allowed to criticize any sovereign country – without it being considered antisemitism. After all, the National Front has always been Zionistic and always defended Israel’s right to exist.”

Marine Le Pen’s hatred toward Muslims and Islam is well-known. In 2010, while campaigning for party leadership, she compared Muslims praying in streets with Nazi occupation of France. Last month, her Jewish lawyer, Bernard Reynaud, defended her client’s right to insult Islam in a Lyon court. The idiot wouldn’t had dared to do that if Marine, like her father, had denied Holocaust story.

As compared to fellow top European Muslim-hating politician, Geert Wilders, Marine has not visited Israel so far as result of her father’s anti-Jew reputation.

And finally, the CRIF has assured French Jews to celebrate Hanukkhah without fear, as no terrorist attack is expected during the next ten holy days.


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