Dutch football fans: ‘If you cannot jump, you’re Jewish’

j0434905[1]The Dutch government doesn’t appreciate Israel bashing and Israel bashing shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone. I believe that we can express our concerns and criticism more effectively by engaging a closer relations with Israel than keeping Israel at a distance,” said Uri Rosenthal, former Dutch Jewish foreign minister whose wife Dinah is an Israeli Jew citizen. In 2012, he voted against recognition of Palestinian state.

I bet the Dutch Jew didn’t learn any lesson from 67-year-old history of the US-Israel friendship. Every time the resident of the White House, who gave over $3 trillion in aid to Tel Aviv, suggested to successive Zionist regimes to withdraw from Palestinian territories it occupied after its war of agression in June 1967, he was told to F***off.

It seems, the Dutch football fans don’t agree with Dutch Muslim-hater opposition leader Geert Wilders and Dutch government’s love affair with the Zionist entity. On Monday, the Jewish Lobby accused PSV Eindhoven supporters of singing anti-Jew song during a football game in Manchester against Dutch Jewish team Ajax. Some of the supporters were heard saying: “If you cannot Jump, You’re Jewish.” Listen the song below.

Ajax supporters are traditionally known as Joden (Jews). The great majority of them claim to be non-Jewish but they wear the ‘Star of Zion’, sing Jewish songs, wave Israeli flags and call themselves ‘Super Jews’. The use of the word Joden has led to a number of anti-Jewish slogans aimed at Ajax players, such as, hunt for Joden and Burn Joden, which never bothered the Dutch Jewish community or Uri Colonel, the Jewish Chairman of Amsterdam football club Ajax.

Organized Jewry’s so-called “antisemitism” whining reminds me Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s latest article, entitled, When calculating Antisemitism, a double negative equals a positive. In the article, Finkelstein claims that a great majority of the so-called “antisemitism” event are conducted or fabricated by Jews themselves to propagate the non-existent Jewish victimization.


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