Netanyahu slams Swedish FM over anti-Israel claim

bibi[1]On Sunday, Netanyahu phoned his Swedish counterpart Stefan Lofven to convey his anger at Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom’s second anti-Israel statement this week (reported by Ha’aretz).

This is the second time she refers to Israel and says things which are not acceptable to us,” Netanyahu warned Lofven on phone.

Netanyahu accused Wallstrom of following double standards when it come to Israeli actions – claiming that Israel has every right to defend itself against its enemies.

I disagree with her (Wallstrom) when she says last week San Bernardino, or the terror attack in Paris, when police killed the terrorist, that these were extrajudicial executions, as she said about Israel,” Netanyahu claimed.

Could it be that Ms Wallstrom believe in F. William Engdahl’s claim that ISIS is Israel, as ISIS took the credit for both those false flag operations. Last year, Iraqi Shia fighters captured an Israeli military Colonel among the ISIS fighters.

On Friday Wallstrom told Swedish parliament that while facing Palestinian protestors, Israeli military and police were carrying out pre-planned executions. She claimed deaths of several so-called “knife stabbers” at the hands of Israeli soldiers were tantamount to “extrajudicial executions”.

In late October 2015, UK’s veteran Jewish MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman, had accused the Zionist regime of fabricating the “knife terror” on Israeli civilians by Palestinian youth. He also accused the ruling Tory party of working for the “Jewish money”.

Netanyahu has many reasons to spill his Talmudic hatred against Swedish government for recognizing Palestinian state, which only exists in dreams of nine million Palestinian expelled from their ancestral home by Europe’s unwanted Zionist Jews.

The Zionist Jews’ hatred of Swedish people is very deep rooted. On May 14, 2014, Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, a Swedish Jew explained that at the Jewish Commentary magazine. He claims that Aaron Isaac, the first Jew who arrived in Sweden in 1774 was accused of his ancestors being Christ’s killers by the local Lutheran Christians. He accuses Sweden of being main supplier of iron ore to Nazis (Hollywood Jews, JFK and Bush families also traded with Nazis, while 150,000 German Jews served in Nazi Army). Then Annika spilled her beans against Arabs. “In 2012, an Arab man on a train harassed my kippah-wearing six-year-old son and me – while onlookers stayed silent. That same year, my eldest son was told he couldn’t choose Israel for his social studies democracy project because Israel was not a democratic country.

The Zionist regime hasn’t forgiven Swedish people for their late prime minister Olof Palme, who compared Ariel Sharon’s regime with Nazis over terrorizing and killing Palestinian kids in Lebanese refugee camps in 1982


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