Jew Forum: Hilary Is Wrong On Iran

On Thursday, the Zionist Jews at Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) forum in Washington gave thunderous applause to GOP front-runners for 2016 presidential candidate, Donald Trump in spite of the fact that he insulted both Jews and Muslims. The forum was sponsored by casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who didn’t bother to attend the forum.

Every political aware person knows that the Organized Jewry judges everyone outside their ‘racist tent’ on two factors, 1) his/her blind support for Israel, and 2) hatred toward Muslims and Islam. Thankfully, all the Republican and Democrat 2016 presidential candidates fullfill that ‘red-line’.

Donald Trump who earlier proposed that to stop Muslim terrorism, America must registered all US Muslim citizen (6-7 million), began his speech by asserting his family links to Jews and Israel. He cited his daughter and son-in-law being Jewish. He reminded audience that he had led Israel’s creation parade in the US, and donated over $150 million to Jewish institutions in the US and Israel. He said that his father was a great supporter of the Zionist entity. He said that he wants Jewish votes, not their money, which is a lie, because, like other candidates, he felt proud of his long friendship with casino billionaire Adelson. Trump assured the Zionist crowd that he plans to go to Israel to meet Netanyahu. Applause, applause ….

Trump accused Barack Obama being the worst anti-Israel president in the US history. He blamed Obama for throwing Israel under bus on Iran nuclear deal. He also attacked Hillary Clinton for hiring Pakistan-born Huma Abedin as her adviser. However, he was afraid to tell his cheering Jewish audience to that Abedin is married to Israel’s lobbyist, former Anthony Weiner, a sex maniac Jew. Applause, applause …..

But then Donald Trump crossed the ‘red line’ and got booed. He said that the peace between Israel and Palestinians depends on Israel. He also said that he doesn’t consider East Jerusalem (annexed by Israel in 1970) part of Israel. He also mocked Jews by saying that he is a good negotiator that’s how he became rich (shylock).

On December 3, the international defender of Israel, ADL, in a statement slammed Jews at RJC forum and Zionist-controlled media commentators for labeling Donald Trump an antisemite over his “Jewish slurs”.

CNN called Donald Trump “a winner”. The Jewish Daily Forward’s headline was, “Donald Trump Stumbles in Pitch to Republican Jews.” The Jewish Federation of North America called Donald Trump, “a Jew hater”.

The Forum’s WiFi password was Hillary Is Wrong On Iran. All 14 GOP candidates used their time – half an hour each in front of a sold-out auditorium at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC – to frame their platforms in opposition to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, whose only daughter Chelsea Clinton, is married to Zionist Jew Marc Mezvinsky.

Interestingly, no candidate even mentioned Hillary Clinton’s Democrat opponent Bernie Sanders, the only Jew in the race.


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