Iran-Armenia friendship upsets Israel

ARMENIA[3]Christian-majority Armenia has been a close regional ally of the Islamic Republic. The expected lifting of western sanctions against Iran and partial release of its over $100 billion assets frozen in western banks, after signing nuclear deal between the so-called “P5+1” and Iran, several Israel’s western allies (France, Germany, Austria, Australia, Britain, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. are rushing to cash-in “Iranian lottery”.

In October 2015, Iran’s first president Eshaq Jahangiri visited Yerevan to boost Iran-Armenia bilateral trade. In August 2015, both countries signed a $120 million deal to build third high-voltage electricity transmission line connecting the two nations. The first Iranian president to visit Armenia was Dr. Ahmadinejad in 2011.

In April 2015, two Armenian lawmakers in Iranian Parliament, Karen Khanlaryan and Robert Beglaryan visited Yerevan to attend 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide.

On March 12, 2015, former Congressman Dan Lee Burton, a pro-Israel Republican, in an Op-Ed at Jewish Daily Caller claimed that Armenia is Iran’s ally and not of United States. Why? Burton blamed Putin’s friendship with anti-Israel Iran. Burton quoted Iranian ambassador in Moscow saying that Tehran-Moscow trade was expected to jump from current $5 billion to $70 billion in a few years.

The Zionist entity which has not recognized Armenian genocide since Armenia gained independence in 1992 and established diplomatic and close trade partnership with the Zionist entity. The Jewish Lobby used to blame Muslim-majority Turkey for Israel’s refusal to recognize Armenian genocide. After Erdogan started criticizing Israeli treatment of Palestinian a few years ago – no the culprit is Muslim-majority Azerbaijan, the anti-Iran Israel’s ally in the region. However, the reason behind Zionists refusal to recognize Armenian genocide (1915-23) is that it was committed by Crypto Jews.

There are nearly 3,000 Armenian in Israel, who are the most ‘spitted Christians” by religious Jews in Jerusalem. The Jewish population of Armenia is less than 1000.

In 1990, Russian media accused Armenia’s first president Syrian-born Levon Ter-Petrosyan (1991-98) of receiving $200 million for his presidential campaign from a Russian Jewish oligarch (sounds like some Russian Sheldon Adelson, pumping casino money into GOP pro-Israel war machine!).


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