India: Cow dung can save you from a nuclear bomb!

The Hindu fanatics’ (Hindutva) narrative of Holy Cow and the Zionists’ narrative of Holy Holocaust only carry “political agenda” with no logical or historic proof.

For example, American Zionist Jewish writer and Republican Party’s former propagandist, David Cole, claimed that Holocaust is based on fakes, frauds and forgeries. Shivdutt Sharma, who runs a Gaushala (a cow shelter – in Tappal, India), claims that cow dung can save people from a nuclear bomb, and cow urine can save people from cancer (watch video below).

However, Sharma believes that all these fanatics banning consumption of beef, or Hindu mobs using cow slaughter on Muslims’ annual feast as excuse to lynch Muslim families, has nothing to do with saving cow, but based on their hatred of Muslims.

In 2009, the cow protection department of the RSS (Hindutva) had developed a soft drink formula from cow urine to give colas a run for their money.

Rajasthan Health Minister Rajendra Rathor had claimed that the State government would like to have the Sawai Man Singh hospital in Jaipur cleaned with cow urine that could be extended to other government hospitals across the State. He made this statement while inaugurating a cow-urine refinery in Jalore district. The phenoyl substitute made from cow urine is called go-noyl.

A booklet published by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) claims cow urine cures skin diseases, asthma, jaundice, anaemia, etc. It also recommended it for simpler conditions: “Administration of 2-4 drops of gou-mutra in the nostrils or its consumption twice a day is beneficial for cold.” Cow dung cures cough and arthritis (here).

Late Indian prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri (1964-66) wrote in his biography that he used to drink cow urine, and he said that it’s good for the health (here).


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