Israel: To defeat Hizbullah, Assad must go

On November 20, UK’s newspaper The Guardian published an Op-Ed written by Brig. General (ret) Michael Herzog, in which the baby-killer said that Israel is not interested in a diplomatic solution to Syrian bloodshed as it would keep power in the hands of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad who is an ally of both Iran and Lebanese resistance Hizbullah.

Herzog also asserted that ISIS is a terrorist group, but it doesn’t pose any threat to Israel. He said the real ‘existential’ threat to Israel is Hizbullah which has nearly 100,000 rockets and shares common borders with Israel. He also claimed that as result of the US-Iran nuclear agreement, Hizbullah has been further emboldened.

Israelis judge developments in Syria first and foremost in the context of the danger posed by the Iranian-led axis – including Hizbullah and its 100,000 rockets aimed at Israel – which continues to pose by far the greater strategic threat to Israel, and is emboldened by the nuclear deal,” Herzog said.

ISIS is not focused on Israel, and is therefore not considered by Israelis to be a direct and immediate strategic threat to them. From an Israeli perspective, the gravest strategic threat still comes from the Iranian-led axis,” Herzog added.

Herzog, as a coward, cannot face the reality that Israeli army posses nuclear-equipped submarines, F16s, tanks, US-financed Iron Dome, 177,000 soldiers and 445,000 military reserve. Israel has an annual military budget of $17 billion not to include $3 billion US military aid. Contrary to that Hizbullah has no jet, no tank, no naval boat, and less than 5,000 fighters and total operational budget of less than $180 million. But Hizbullah still beat the hell out of Jewish army in 2000 and 2006 (here).

Herzog said that US-led aerial war cannot defeat ISIS. The only way to “achieve mission accomplished” would be to involved NATO and put US boots in Syria.

Herzog also proposed partition of Syria by creating an independent Kurdish state similar to the Kurdish state established in Iraq in the 1990s.

The US should establish a multi-national military coalition based on local Kurdish and select Sunni forces, who should be backed and supported militarily, and offered autonomy in a future federal system within Syria. This coalition should commit itself to first liberating ISIS’s capital city Raqqa and delinking its main centers of power in Syria and Iraq,” Herzog said.

Whilst a comprehensive solution for Syria looks beyond reach in the foreseeable future, the situation nonetheless demands urgent and far-reaching action guided by a long-term view. Without such action, the threat to the stability of states in the region as well as security in the West will only continue to grow. One can only hope that the political will for such action will not be generated by further terror attacks in the West,” Herzog added.

Gen. Herzog, former head of strategic planning for Israel army, is currently a senior visiting fellow at AIPAC’s propaganda wing WINEP in Washington DC.

Israel’s lurid exaggeration of the Iranian threat is well understood in the United States, and Hezbollah would actually not exist absent Israel’s repeated invasions of Lebanon. Basically, Netanyahu would prefer that the United States and its allies fight Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and Assad rather than the terrorists trying to lay waste to the capitals of the West,” Philip Weiss, founder-editor of Jewish website Mondoweiss, said on November 22, 2015.


2 responses to “Israel: To defeat Hizbullah, Assad must go

  1. Daniel Margrain

    Good article. Israel is the biggest oil customer of ISIS and the eventual aim of the Zionists is to carve up Syria in order that Rothschild, Murdoch and a company called Genie, who these bastards have a controlling interest in, grab the resources and reshape the country in the Zio-Con image. To help them they have the British, Saudi’s, Turks, and French. The biggest dent in Isis capability on the ground are the Kurds, Hezzbollah, Pro-Assad forces and Iran backed up by Russian air power. The latter were gaining too much ground against ISIS, which is why Nato backed Turkey downed the Russian jet.

  2. I wonder why Mr Herzog did not make any reference to the Yinon Plan for an Eretz (Greater) Yisrael?

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