US committed heinous crimes against Muslims after 9/11

JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]In 2012, when a leader of Hungary’s rising political party, Jobbik, called upon the government to prepare a database of 100,000 Jewish citizen, as they pose grave threat to national security. Immediately, the party was labeled “neoNazi, racist, and pro-Iran” by the Organized Jewry and its Western political puppets.

On Thursday, Republican presidential hopeful, billionaire Donald Trump called for the creation of a national database to register over 6 million Muslims living in United States to protect the country from terrorism. No American politician condemned him for his racist remark. The anti-immigrant racists like Pat Buchanan and Dr. Kevin MacDonald praised Trump as “Savior” of the White race.

Since 9/11, the hatred of Muslim has been Canonized by the Congress.

Let us ignore the fact that most of American traitors hanged or put into jail spying for Russia, Israel and other foreign countries happened to be Jewish.

On November 30, 2015, American Jewish lawyer, journalist and activist, Glenn Greenwald posted an excellent article at The Intercept proving once again that since 9/11 Washington committed heinous crimes against Muslims in United States and around the world while the Zionist entity benefited the most from 9/11 terror.

In short, United States is totally controlled by the Organized Jewry, from Congress to crime mafia. But saying so will put you inside the “Jew Hate” box. For example, I’m sure you must have read Putin accusing Turkey of buying oil from ISIS, and Jewish Lobby accusing Erdogan’s son making a fortune by buying and selling ISIS oil. But have you heard of Israel buying oil from ISIS? Well, Israel’s Wall Street mouthpiece, The Globe, did admit that on November 30, 2015.



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