Pollard: The good and bad traitors

On November 20, 2015, America’s most celebrated spy/traitor, Jonathon Pollard, was released after serving 30 years in jail. His release was celebrated both in Israel and its US colony.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “dream come true”.

As someone who raised Jonathan’s case for years with successive American presidents, I had long hoped this day would come,” said Netanyahu (here and here).

Pollard’s ex-wife said she always thought Pollard was innocent, and was persecuted because of his religion.

Pollard, former Naval intelligence analyst, was convicted and sentenced for life in 1985 for working as Israeli spy for which he was paid $2,500/month and over $50,000 as out-of-pocket expense during his espionage career according to court records. But then he started showing his Shylock nature. He threatened his Israeli handler inside Israeli embassy in Washington, to pay an additional $250,000 for his treason against his motherland (USA), or he would sell some the US secret documents to Russia, Apartheid South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, and some Middle Eastern countries. That’s when someone blew whistle on Pollard.

Netanyahu who awarded Pollard Israeli citizenship a decade ago, has promised a hero’s welcome to Pollard once he is allowed to migrate to Israel. Several roads and parks have been named in Pollard’s honor in Israel.

Now, compare Pollard’s treatment by Israelis and the Organized Jewry with another Jew, who swindled billions of dollars from Americans, Bernard (Bernie) Madoff. In fact, Madoff, instead of taking money from Israeli embassy, funded Israeli espionage in the US. However, his swindling didn’t differentiate between his Gentile and Jewish victims. Several Jewish and Zionist organization also accused Madoff milking hundreds of millions dollars from them to prove that he was not a “good Jew”.

Jews don’t want to hear about negative stereotypes. If you talk about what Jews do wrong as Jews, as an outgrowth of their Jewishness or as part of their association with Jews, they don’t want to hear it. It’s interesting Jews don’t mind exposing Jewish evildoers in Yiddish which happened all the time. But you can’t talk about it in English because “they” can hear,” JJ Goldberg, editorial director, The Jewish Daily Forward, commented on Madoff Affair in May 2009.

I remember, how James Petras, PhD, was overjoyed by Madoff’s robbing the Zionist Jewish organizations. He wrote: “The swindle may lessen funding for AIPAC’s purchase of Congressional influence and financing of propaganda campaign in favor of pre-emptive US military attack against Iran.”

On December 19, 2008, Abraham Foxman, national director powerful Israel lobby, ADL, issued a statement accusing all critics of the Madoff’s 50 billion Ponzi scheme of committing old-fashioned anti-Semitism.

Since June 19, 1953 execution of Jewish couple, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on charges of stealing US nuclear secrets for Soviet Russia, no spy/traitor has received as much attention from Israel and the Organized Jewry as Pollard got. Interestingly, not even Alan Gross, who was released from Havana jail last year as result of campaign by Barack Obama, US secretary of state John Kerry and Sen. John McCain.


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