Greek FM: Iran and China are new emerging powers

On Monday, Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotzias delivered a speech at the University of Tehran in which he called the Islamic Republic and China the new emerging powers.

We live in ever-changing world extending from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. The shift of power is happening from the West to the East to a degree today, new powers and countries with long histories like Iran and China are emerging in the world,” Kotzias said.

Greek FM said that his country has provided shelter to 630,000 to 640,000 Syrian refugees on six islands even though it was never involved in Syrian bloodshed since 2011.

As Iran is very rich in oil and gas reservoir, Greek shipping lines are very active and the grounds for mutual cooperation to this end is well prepared,” said Greek foreign minister.

Kotzias said that Greek government supports Palestinian struggle for an independent homeland, even though Athens maintains diplomatic relation with Tel Aviv.

Is it possible that Kotzias doesn’t know his boss Alexis Tsipras has just licked Netanyahu’s butts to please the EU bankers during his recent visit to Israel? Greek economy is totally controlled by two international Jewish banking institutions, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase (here). Therefore, it’s hard to expect Tsipras, has the ball to stand-up to Netanyahu, considering he recently fired one of his ministers, Dimitris Kammenos, for believing that Israel had pre-knowledge of 9/11.

Nikos Kotzias, who is currently in Iran on a 2-day visit, held meetings with country’s president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani, his counterpart Dr. Mohammed Javad Zarif and Iranian oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh.

Although Greek is now regarded as cultural center for the European Union, but it considers itself as part of the Middle East region and can meddle in its disputes,” Kotzias told reporters after meeting with Dr. Zarif.

When it comes to Islam and Muslims, both Greek and Israeli Jews are taught hatred toward them in cradle. Forget Jews became part of elites in Spain during 850-year Muslim rule, and Greece under Ottoman rule, spanning 400 years, became Europe’s most stabilized society. Exposure to Islam presented a great threat to the organized Greek Orthodox Church, which distorted the teachings of Islam and Muslim history of tolerance so much so that it destroyed every mosque and Muslim institution which could remind new Greek generations of Islam.


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