Farrakhan: Down with Santa, long live Christ

FARRAKHAN[1]Louis Farrakhan, the leader of Nation of Islam, in a latest message over coming Christmas festivities to Christian clerics has irked his Satanic Jews. He urged the Black clergy to boycott the so-called “Black Friday and Santa Claus”, which only benefit American Shylocks. He urged them not to waste their hard-earned money on Christmas gifts and rather spend more time on understanding the true message of their Lord Christ. Listen to him below.

On November 17, 2015, during a monthly Pastor’s Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), Farrakhan explained why and how clergy must be prepared to deliver the uncompromising word of God and positively impact the lives of the people they are commissioned to serve. The ultimate example of service is the life and ministry of Jesus.

Now Christmas is coming and many of you as pastors are preparing for Christmas. See Satan has misused the name of Jesus. We say Jesus is born on December 25, how do we honor his birth, drunk? The liquor store is happy because the pastors lead the way to the liquor store because you are going to do it in Jesus’ name,” said Farrakhan as he broke down the need to reexamine what Black people have been observing for generations.

You’ve got a people that’s hungry, a people that’s thirsty but for the crumbs that government gives you, you sell out the aspirations of your people?” said Farrakhan. “Those who do this are not disciples of Christ, but are hirelings,” he said.

If Jesus is the truth, way and life why would you lie on his birthday, and tell your children that a fictitious big, fat, White man from the North Pole is responsible for giving them gifts?”, Farrakhan asked. “I’m going to take all excuses away for foolishness today, because we do all of this in a pagan ritual in Jesus’ name,” he continued, breaking down some of the history of lights, wreaths, yule logs, Christmas trees and other symbolism (here).

Christmas is a multi-billion dollars industry. Last year, Americans spent $1.3 billion on Christmas trees alone.

St. Nicholas, the man behind the Santa Claus was born in a Roman town of Myra, now part of Turkish town of Demre, a tourist attraction for western Christians. Watch video below.


One response to “Farrakhan: Down with Santa, long live Christ

  1. Great post, Rehmat. Bravo Louis Farrakhan!

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