Arudhati Roy: Modi is promoting Brahmanism

arundhati-roy41[1]On Saturday, the Booker-prize winner Indian author, Arundhati Roy was awarded Mahatma Joytiba Phule Human Right Award by Mumbai-based Mahatma Phule Samata Parishad. The award was to recognize her fight for the rights of country’s religious and ethnic minorities.

During her acceptance speech, Arundhati Roy accused Narendra Modi -led BJP government of promoting Brahmanism (Hindu caste system) in the name of “Hindu Rashtravad”, and word like “intolerance” is inadequate to describe the “fear” in which the minorities are presently living.

Arundhati Roy said that BJP was trying to “glorify” social reformers in the country as “Great Hindus”, such as Dr. BR Ambedkar, who left Hindu religion. Dr. Ambedkar hated Hindu caste system and accused Gandhi and Hindu nationalist parties that “they want a Hindu-dominated India and Muslims to live as subservient under it“. He also said: “I was born a Hindu, but will not die a Hindu (here).”

The Indian history is being re-written and national institutions are being taken over by the government,” Roy said.

Raising slogans against Roy, BJP’s Student Wing (ABVP) activists called her “anti-national, pro-Pakistan and anti-Indian Army”, before they were rounded up by police.

Arundhati Roy is accustomed to such insults coming from Hindu extremists and government officials. She was labeled “traitor” for supporting Kashmiri Muslim struggle against Indian occupation of their ancestral land. She was called “terrorist” for supporting the Moist rebellion against the brutal policies of the Central government in New Delhi.

Earlier this month, Arundhati Roy irked Hindu extremist parties by returning her Indian National Award.

On the occasion, NCP leader and former Maharashtra minister Chhagan Bhujbal said the BJP need to learn its lesson from the Bihar Assembly polls result and Narendra Modi should control the party’s “fringe elements” indulging in “intolerant talks”.

Dr. Mini Kariappa, an Indian DNA researcher, claimed in 2005 that a great majority of Brahmans (2% of total Hindu population of 800 million) are descendants of Jews (here). That explains why Hindu extremist parties admire the Zionist entity as role model and a great ally of Hindutva-ruled India.

In 2002, Arundhati Roy received Lannan Cultural Freedom Prize award which carries $350,000 cash. She donated the prize money to 50 NGOs. Lannon Foundation in Santa Fe is a family foundation of an American entrepreneur Patrick Lannan Sr. In June 2011, Lannan Foundation cancelled the screening of British investigative journalist and film-maker John Pilger documentary, The War You Don’t See, in which John Pilger and British author David Barsamian expose western media lies before and during US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Incidentally, John Pilger is also holder of Lannan Cultural Freedom Prize.


3 responses to “Arudhati Roy: Modi is promoting Brahmanism

  1. I wonder whom Madam Roy was promoting in Madhya Pradesh when she built a house annexing land belonging the Forest department. Easy to point fingers , but four pointing back.

  2. If you re-read Arundhati Roy’s statement – I don’t think she would like to waste her time debunking accusation from some ABVP racist, who have already pronounced her HINDU TRAITOR!

  3. I have a great deal of respect for Roy.

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