Pakistani athlete crowned Mr. Musclemania

jinnah[2]On Sunday, Pakistani bodybuilder Salman Ahmad was crowned Mr. Musclemania (watch a video below) at 2015 Musclemania competition in Los Vagas.

Salman Ahmad is the first Pakistani to win this title since it was established 25 years ago. In a Facebook message he thanked his fans, especially his parents for their moral support. He asked them to keep remembering him in their daily prayers.

Earlier in March this year, another Pakistani athlete, Atif Anwar, clinched top title on Arnold Basic Physique construction competition in Australia. Anwar gained the ‘over 100 kg class’ title on the occasion named after Hollywood legend and 7 occasions Mr Olympia, Austrailian-born former Governor of California state (2003-2011) Arnold Schwarzenegger, a slave of Zionism.

In the past, Pakistan was known around the world as result of country’s cricket and hockey players for setting some world records. However, Squash is the only sports which is still dominated by the Khan family around the world. The ancient Polo sports, though not much popular in Pakistan, was originated in the area which is currently part of Pakistan.


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