UK author: Muslims to East, Jews to West

jb[1]The other day, I came across an interesting interview by British political philosopher (BNP), white nationalist, writer and artist, Jonathan David Anthony Bowden (d. 2012). Jonathan Bowden gave the interview at the Union Jack Club in London on November 21, 2009. In the interview he claimed that though he admires Islam, but it does pose a great threat to liberal white Europe which fought organized Judeo-Christianity for years. He also claimed that in order to save the white race, Muslim should be sent back to the Islamic world, and the Jews occupying Palestine should be forced by western powers to return to their European homeland, even though they’re not of the White race.

I don’t want the Islamification of Europe or of this (UK) country, but I admire Islam. I’m known to be slightly dissentient on these things. They should exist in their part of the world between Morocco and Indonesia. They have their part of the world. They basically have a sixth of the world. They should keep their bloc; they should keep the ummah; they should keep their potentialities. It’s a different way of being human,” Bowden said.

Bowden, though born into a Catholic family, claims that he is not a Catholic or even Christian. He says that most westerners don’t understand the real threat Muslim immigrants pose to western civilization. The threat comes from Islam’s basic doctrine of total submission to the Creator (Allah).

Most Westerners can’t even understand a metaphysical objectivism which is so absolute and you’ve surrendered to the slavery of God’s love as the basis of the system. Most Westerners can’t even begin to understand what that’s about partly because they’ve drifted into such a degree of secularity, all religious ideas leave them slightly cold in present modernity, post-modernity,” Bowden said.

Bowden claims that Islam’s “absolute submission” attracts westerners who want to rebel against the western liberalism, i.e. adultery, same sex union, drugs, freedom of speech without responsibility, and racism based on color, religion, gender and ethnicity.

Islam is a very Right-wing, if you want to use that conception, sort of system of the world. That’s why extremist Catholics converted to it after Vatican II. Some Fascists and National Socialists converted to it as well. Because it’s total and absolute,” Bowden claims.

We all know, Hillary Clinton is an Israeli poodle and hate Muslims for hating the Zionist regime. On May 31, 1996, the Jewish Los Angeles Times quoted her saying: “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people.” I wonder why she didn’t call all those converts “extremists”?

Bowden claims that most British hate to get involved in America’s proxy wars for Israel in Middle East and beyond. However, London has to join these wars because Britain has become an American colony, which itself is Israeli colony.

The Islamic condemnation and/or the Arab nationalist and sort of persons of color attitudes towards Israel is completely legitimate, because it’s a terrorist state which has seized Palestinian land and held it by force. It’s not totally our problem, but we will always be dragged into it by virtue of the power that group has and manifests in the United States and the fact that Britain is beholden to the United States to such a degree. Michael Portillo virtually said in the 1990s when he was Defense Minister under the Tories, “We have no foreign policy. It’s dictated to us by the United States.” This means we are drawn endlessly into their firefights and their micro-wars and their micro-just-about-to-go-major wars in the Middle East and further afield, all of which, in an attenuated way, are done in order to make that state safe,” he said.

Bowden says Iran doesn’t have nuclear bombs, but it would produced it if attacked by either Israel or United States. He also believes that Israel has no guts to attack Iran alone. Israeli leaders want the US to do their dirty work in the region.

Iran is still quite a way off a nuclear weapon. I think if there was going to be a really devastating (Israeli) first strike it would have happened under Bush. Ashkenazi lobbies in the United States never trusted Obama, don’t really want it, didn’t really want him to be president, wanted Hillary Clinton to be president. She was really their candidate. She promised a devastating attack upon Iran if Israel ever experienced a first strike,” he said.

Jonathan Bowden was admired by anti-immigration folks and Muslim haters, but despised by the Organized Jewry.


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