When Romania sold 235,000 Jews to Israel

cartoon[1]Romanian president Traian Basescu urged both Hamas and Fatah to recognize Israel as a Jewish State while on official visit to Israel last year.

How ironic the advice came from the head a country which has a history of selling its Jewish population like whores for price ranging from $50 to $3,300 per head depending on the social status of the Jew.

Even Israel’s two godmothers, United States and Soviet Russia never recognized Israel as a “Jewish State”.

Romania-born Radu Ioanid, director Washington Holocaust Museum, in his 2005 book, The Ransom of the Jew, claims that Romania sold nearly 235,000 of its 350,000 Jews to Israel during the period between 1960-1989 as commodity barter and hard cash in dollars. The trade was suspended after the pro-Israel communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed by firing squad on Christmas Day 1989 on the orders of a military tribunal set up by leaders of Romania’s bloody revolution in December 1989 (here).

The Israel’s prostitution of Jewish people began in 1950 and was declared kosher by its first prime minister David Ben-Gurion aka ‘model of Jewish moral conscience’. The Zionist entity during its first decade of existence sold greenbacks to bring foreign Jews to occupy land stolen from Palestinian Muslims and Christians. Israel paid Hungary $1,000 for each Jew allowed to emigrate to Palestine, while Bulgaria was paid only $50 to $350 per Jew. In 1961 Israel bribed Morocco to let its 500,000 Jews emigrate to Israel. In 1971, Israel paid Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein $1 million for 1,246 Iraqi Jew immigrants.

On February 16, 1943, The Jew York Times published an ad of Jewish sale. “For sale to humanity, 70,000 Jews, guaranteed human-beings at $50 apiece. Romania is tired of killing Jews. It has killed 100,000 in two year. Romania will give Jews away practically for nothing. Seventy thousands Jews are waiting in Romanian concentration camps. Romania will give these Jews for just $50 apiece. This sum covers all transportation expenses. Attention America – the great Romanian bargain is for this month only,” read the ad.

The communist-ruled Romania’s love affair with the Zionist entity is not something new. It goes back to June 1948 when Romania under communist rule recognized it one month after the European Jews declared their state in British occupied Palestine.

Israel has found good White Christian supremacist sheep in almost every European land conquered by Muslim armies in the past like Romania, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Sicily, Malta, Portugal, Bulgaria, Albania, and Southern France. Islam reached Romania through Muslim traders over 800 years ago. Romanian kings paid annual tributes to Ottoman Sultans for nearly 400 years. But, after all that, the so-called “Religion of Sword” has only 60,000 (0.3%) followers in Romania. 87% of these Turk, Tatar, and Gypsy ethnic Muslims live in northern Dobrogea (here). Under Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist rule, Muslim community was persecuted. After the 1987 revolution, Muslims were allowed to preach their religion. since then 3,000 Romanian Christians have converted to Islam.

In September 2015, these Zionist sheep brought seven pigs painted with Romanian flag and dozens of wooden coffins on the plot of land in Bucharest where Turkish government plans to build a large mosque. Watch below a view of mosques during the Islamic month of fasting in Dobrogea.



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