Bangladesh to hang two more opposition leaders

On Wednesday, Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha (Hindu) of Bangladesh Supreme Court rejected the final review petition of two cabinet members of ex-prime minister Khaleda Zia.

Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mujahid (67) and Salahudin Quader Chaudhury were accused of supporting Pakistan Army against the prime minister Hasina Sheikh’s father Sheikh Mujibur Rehman’s Awami League, which was seeking partition of Muslim-majority Pakistan with military help from neighboring Hindu-majority India. The 1971 Indian invasion of former East Pakistan resulted in the creation of Bangladesh.

Both will be hanged during next week if not pardoned by country’s president Abdul Hamid.

Sheikh Mujibur Rehman is considered a traitor by Muslims in both Pakistan and Bangladesh. In 2010, his daughter who lived in India for many years prior to the creation of Bangladesh admitted that her father conspired with India to invade then East Pakistan.

The great majority of 170 million Bengalis in living Bangladesh and Indian Bengal state are Muslims. Before partition Kolkata was a Muslim-majority city, and home to India’s world-renowned Muhammadan Sports Club. Kolkata has long turned into a Muslim-minority city.

On both sides of the borders, over 800-year of Muslim Bengal history has been distorted by Hindu elites who control media and academic institutions. Hinduizing of Bangla language has played a major role in marginalizing Islamic values among the Bengali-speaking Muslims. Now, they celebrate Hindu festivals and most of their national heroes are also Hindus.

An anti-Islam secularized Bangladeshi elites have become darlings of India, the US, UK, Israel and even the Jew-run Ukraine.

Islamic political, academic and social sectors have all been targeted by the successive Awami League governments which have maintained a total control over police, judiciary and army (here).

Let’s not forget, the pro-Israel ISIS has also arrived in Bangladesh. In October 2015, its first victims were not Hindus, but Shia Muslims. Also it’s interesting to note that Israel recognized Bangladesh even before it was created by India.


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