Sen. Schumer: War on terror is Israel’s proxy war

On November 15, Sen. Charles Ellis (Chuck) Schumer (D-NY) speaking at the Jewish Education’s 75th annual dinner in Manhattan (NY), like Benjamin Netanyahu, also claimed that West’s war against terrorism is a proxy war for Israel.

Had the world come down when the terrorists shot the Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics or hijacked El AL planes, and come down on them hard, we would not have had what happened in Paris on Friday,” Schumer proclaimed.

I’m glad Schumer, though unknowingly, accepted that both Munich (in 1972) and El Al hijacking (in 1976) with the blessing of Israel First Gen. Idi Amin, were false flag operations (here, here) meant to terrorize Christian world and make it fight Israel’s proxy war against Muslim world.

The message other than fighting terrorism is to make sure that when it is directed at on nation – like it has been directed in Israel for now decades – it is directed at every nation. And the world must unite to defend Israel against the terrorism that is used against her day in and day out,” Schumer added.

Now, if Schumer had studied Israel’s history from some objective source, I bet he would have called on the world powers to bomb the Zionist entity to ground level in order to save the rest of humanity. It’s Israel which has invaded all of its neighboring countries, and still occupies some of their lands. In addition to that Israeli Mossad operates assassination squads not only in the region but around the world. It has assassinated more foreign political leaders, scientists, presidents, prime ministers, resistance leaders, and aid workers than its godfathers United states and Soviet Russia put together.

Chuck Schumer (Jewish), a senior Democrat senator was lauded by the Jewish Lobby for voting against his own party over the US-Iran nuclear agreement. He has told his pro-Israel constituents on several occasions that his last name drives from Shomer, the Hebrew word for defender and described himself as a defender of Israel.

Chuck Schumer has supported all American wars which could benefit Israel, such as, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, etc. Many political observers have called him Traitor (here).


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