Rabbi, Pastor and Nasrallah on Paris shooting

On the weekend, the chief rabbi of the West Bank Jewish settlements, Dov Lior, told his Zionist sheep that Friday shooting at Paris Jewish theatre was a payback for what the European did to our people 70 years ago.

The wicked ones in blood-soaked Europe deserve it for what they did to our people 70 years ago,” Dov Lior claimed.

Arizona pastor Steven Anderson commented on Paris tragedy saying that France is a sinful nation and deserved God’s punishment.

Ex-Mossad head, Shabtai Shavit compared Paris shooting with undefended German city of Dresden. He urged the US and its allies to flatten Syrian cities as they did to Dresden in February 1945.

Until now, Arab killed Arabs, and Muslim killed Muslims, particularly in Iraq and Syria. But now they have started killing infidels (non-Muslims) abroad. The western powers should wipe Islamic State out just as they wiped out the German city of Dresden,” said the German hating Zionist Jew.

I must admit Shavit is right that Muslims are killing fellow Muslims to serve West’s anti-Muslim agenda, but I wonder what Shavit think of Israel’s killing of its 100,000 Jewish citizens.

As compared to these Judeo-Christian ‘holy-men’, the leader of Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah condemned the terrorist attack in Paris and expressed solidarity with the French people.

Nasrallah also slammed Thursday’s bombing in Beirut. Nasrallah said Israel and ISIL are trying to ignite a religious war in Lebanon. He noted that ISIL attack in Beirut was meant to pressure Hizbullah to withdraw its support for Syrian people against foreign militants who are fighting a proxy war for the Zionist entity. However, he stressed that Hizbullah will continue fighting the US-Israel-Saudi funded terrorists until they’re completely wiped off from Syria and Lebanon.

Nasrallah also warned his countrymen about the danger of religious sectarianism which would only serve the enemies of Lebanese people. Listen to Nasrallah speech below.


3 responses to “Rabbi, Pastor and Nasrallah on Paris shooting

  1. According to the Most Highest Al Khaleeq, Allah, the Creator God Who made man in His image, it is up to Him to give and to take life; No human being has any right to take the life of somebody else. Humans should give to other human beings, to animals and plants, the full respect Allah expects them to give to His Creation.

    All those who rape children, bring terror by bombing and terrorist attacks are clearly no men of God but handlers of the adversary of God (Satan).

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