Tipu Sultan: Happy 265th Birthday

2003050100660101[1]On November 20, millions of Muslims, Hindus and Christians in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and around the world will remember Sultan Tipu, the Tiger of Mysore as the first Indian ruler who resisted British colonial invaders and defeated them in three Anglo-Mysore Wars. But was martyred (May 4, 1799) in the fourth Anglo-Mysore War as result of treachery of his Hindu Dewan (chief minister) Poorniah Pandit.

On November 10, 2015, the Karnataka chief minister S. Siddaramaiah (Congress Party) refused to be bullied by the anti-Muslim Hindu extremists parties (BJP, VHP, BD, etc.) and went ahead to celebrate Tipu Sultan’s state birthday for the first time. As expected the Hindutva mob tried to disturb the event, and during an encounter with police two of those Hindu extremists met their god Kali Mata.

On November 14, the leaders of the ruling BJP demanded the resignation of CM Siddaramaiah for being responsible for the death of two Hindu extremists.

Incidentally, the birthday was celebrated on a wrong day. In fact, the birthday of Tipu Sultan, also remembered as Tipu Jayanti, is November 20, 1750.

Pakistan’s High Commissioner in India, Abdul Basit, attended the celebration in Bangalore and visited Tipu’s Summer Palace in Bangalore (here).

Anti-Muslim Hindu extremists are very allergic to Indian sub-continent’s 1000-year history under Muslim rule. They hate two Muslim rulers the most; Emperor Aurangzeb and Sultan Tipu – the two most pious Muslims, military strategists and religious tolerant rulers. Both have been accused of killing or converting Hindus to Islam despite the facts that both had Hindus as military commanders and royal court officials. But, then, these Hindu racists did not like Mahatma Gandhi, either, and killed him for agreeing to the partition of British India into Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan.

Sir Jadunath Sarkar, a prominent Hindu historian of that period says that Tipu Sultan was the only ruler who resisted foreign invaders while all the Hindu Maratha rulers preferred to collaborate with the foreign invaders. “It was only against Tipu they faced the real resistance. He was a terrific general, had a shrewd understanding of geopolitics (playing the French against English), and had a modern approach to war. He was the first to deploy rocketry in the warfare,” Sarkar said.

Professor Nazeer Ahmed, PhD, biography of Sultan Tipu can be read here.

Hindutva’s greatest hero is Hindu King Ashoka Maurya (268-232 BC), a mass murderer, who butchered hundreds of thousands of Hindus after he captured Kalinga. But that’s okay, because the upper-class Hindus are still butchering the low-cast Hindus (Dalit) in thousands in modern India.

Though Tipu Sultan is the hero of Mysore and South India, he is considered a villain in the region of Malabar, Mangalore and Coorg, because Hindus of that region considered British Christian invaders as friends and Muslim Teepu as their enemy,” says Deepti Verma.


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