Spanish court issues arrest warrant for Netanyahu

anti-netanyahu[1]A few days ago, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was courted at the White House and India-born Neera Tandem, president Center for American Progress (CAP) provided a platform for Netanyahu to distort history of Palestine. Washington-based CAP was established by John Podesta (Jewish) former Chief of Staff of US president Bill Clinton in 2003. Neera Tandem is married to a Jew. The Think Progress is CAP’s propaganda news outlet.

At the same time unexpected news came from one of Netanyahu’s European close ally Spain. The Madrid-based Supreme Court judge Jose de la Mata has ordered arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu and six of his former cabinet ministers for crimes against humanity for their role in 2010 attack on Gaza-bound Turkish aid vessel, Mavi Marmara.

The Jew commandos murdered nine aid workers on board, including three Spanish citizen, Manuel Tapial, Laura Arau, and David Segarra.

The other ‘Evildoers’ who are listed in the arrest warrant includes Vladimir Putin’s Russian Jew friend and former Israel foreign minister Avigdore Lieberman, former defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak, who told Israeli Jews to migrate to Finland, then deputy PM and current defense minister Moshe Ya’alon, former deputy PM Eli Yishai, and then state minister Benny Begin. Israel’s ex-Navy commander Eliezer Marom is also sought out as a war criminal by the Spanish court.

I’m sure Netanyahu will just call the Spanish court verdict as another example how the westerners hate Jews. He would have no problem in distorting Jewish history in Muslim Spain during 711-1492 CE. In fact, the Jews have never forgiven Christians for the Spanish Inquisition (here), the real Jewish Holocaust, during which 160,000 Spanish Jews were either killed or taken as slaves by the Crusaders.

Thanks to powerful Jewish lobby groups, Netanyahu has always received a hero’s welcome from politicians and government officials in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Austria, and even in Russia. In September 2015, British prime minister David Cameron rejected an appeal by 100,000 British citizens to arrest Netanyahu during his 2-day visit to London for committing war crimes in Gaza.

On September 9, 2002, Netanyahu was forced by a mass anti-Israel protest to deliver a speech at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

On November 25, 2013, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) after listening to the testimonies of eleven prosecution witnesses and voluminous documentary evidence and extensive submissions by the prosecution and amicus curiae delivered its judgement on the two charges against the Zionist entity and its retired Gen. Amos Yaron. The Tribunal president Tan Sri Lamin found the Zionist entity and Yaron guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide.


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