Remembering 1975 UN Resolution: Zionism = Racism

Israels_Solution[1]On November 10, 2015, the American Jewish Congress sponsored an event at the United Nations headquarters in New York to mark the 40th anniversary of United Nations Resolution 3379, which equated Zionism with racism. Speakers at the event included Zionist poodle heading the international forum, Ban Ki-moon, John Kerry, Samantha Power, and Isaac Herzog, leader of Israel’s Labour Party.

The AJC event was not meant to commemorate Israel’s humiliation at the UN, but to celebrate Israel’s UN ambassador (later entity’s president) Maj. Gen. Chaim Herzog’s Hasbara speech after the resolution. In his speech, Herzog compared Res. 3379 with Crystal Night incidents in Germany on November 9-10, 1938.

On November 10, 1975, 72 members of United Nations voted in favor of the resolution with just 35 against it and 32 abstained. The anti-Israel resolution was watered-down in 1991 under pressure from powers controlling the UN Security council. Then UN secretary-general, Peruvian-born Perez de Cuellar attacked Res. 3379 with a stupid analogy. He claimed that since Kurds living in Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria or the Basques living in Spain are not called “racists” for fighting for separate homelands – why Jewish aspiration to have a separate homeland (even though their ancestors didn’t live in Palestine for hundreds of centuries) could be equated with racism (here).

Both John Kerry and the US ambassador at UN, Samantha Power, lauded the wisdom of Chaim Herzog, while called Res. 3379 as “antisemistic” and “absurd”. Kerry insisted, “we will do all in our power to prevent the hijacking of this great forum for malicious intents.” A laughable claim by the leader of a country which has hijacked the same forum for more than 39 times to shield Israeli crimes by using its veto power at the UNSC.

Kerry called the establishment of the Zionist entity in 1948 as success of liberation of Jews from Europe’s antisemitism carried out by the Zionist movement. Funny though, the Crypto-Jew Kerry never supported the “liberation movements” in Gaza, Kashmir, Chechnya, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, Bosnia, etc.

In 2001, president George Bush, in order to prove his administration’s submission to the Zionist regime, refused to allow his secretary of state Gen. Colin Powell to attend the UN’s world conference on racism in South Africa, because of a UN resolution criticizing Israeli occupation of Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem as racism (here).

It’s time for a new Res. 3379, something with teeth that will wake Israel up and push it to admit its sins. There is no hope to find a sponsor in Washington. However, the support for Palestinian struggle for their rights continues to grow. The EU, BDS and other boycott settlements and goods are having their effects. Israel’s neighbors continue to resist. As the US power vanes, there is hope that the UN will once again find some backbone,” says Canadian journalist and author Eric Walberg.


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