Jewish Center ‘pasty’ shooter sentenced to death

F. Glenn Miller Jr. reacts after being found guilty of three counts of capital murder on Monday, Aug. 31, 2015, at the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe. Miller was convicted of fatally shooting three people outside Jewish facilities in Overland Park on April 13, 2014. Jurors will now consider whether Miller faces the death penalty or life in prison.On Tuesday, Frazier Glenn Cross, 74, was sentenced to death by lethal injection in slaying of three Christians outside Jewish Community Center, Kansas in April, 13, 2014.

Cross killed Terry LaManno, 53, William Corporon, 69, and his 14-year-old grandson, Reat Underwood a day before Jewish holiday of Passover. It brought double joy to the local Jewish community, as all victims were non-Jewish. Passover, like Purim and Hanukkah holidays, is based on the mass killing of non-Jews.

After the shooting, Frazier Glenn Cross, a “notorious Jew hater”, shouted ‘Heil Hitler’ instead of ‘Allah Akbar’.

Cross has been representing himself in the court. He argued with the judge that he has been demonized by the Jewish-controlled media and doesn’t believe he had a fair trail. He demanded a retrial accusing the judge being controlled by Jews. Cross was found guilty in August of planning to murder Jews, but by mistake murdered Christians instead. Johnson County Judge Thomas Kelly Ryan sentenced him to death .

Jewish press is very excited over the verdict. However, it’s just possible Cross may die of natural causes as a doctor testified before the jury that Cross is suffering from chronic emphysema and has maximum six years to live, and Kansas hasn’t executed a death-row inmate for decades.

In the past, Cross who served in US Army for 20 year, was accused by the rights group SPLC of planning to assassinate its founder, Morris Seligman Dee, a known Jewish pervert.

On April 14, 2014, Kevin Barrett, PhD, posted his views of the incident.

The shooting is a public relations bonanza beyond the wildest dreams of the ADL, the SPLC, AIPAC, and the rest of the Israel lobby. The media’s mighty wurlitzer is blasting out its usual tune hyping the dangers of the patriot movement – people not unlike yourself, gentle VT reader! Next time you try to tell someone about who was behind 9/11, who really runs the media, who are the real terrorists in Palestine, and so on, here is the response you’ll get: “Oh, you must be one of those crazy Jew-hating Nazis like Glenn Miller!,” Barrett said.


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