Israeli Jews nabbed in America’s largest bank theft

thief[1]On Tuesday, India-born Preetinder Singh Bharara, 47, US attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced the news of country’s largest money scam . It involves Gery Shalon, 31, Yuri Lebedev, 37, Ziv Orenstein, 40, Anthony Murgio, 31, and Joshua Samuel Aaron, 31 – all Israeli Jews. They’re charged in a 23-count indictment with alleged robbing hundreds of millions of dollars from 12 companies, including nine financial services companies and media outlets including JP Morgan and Chase, and the Wall Street Journal.

Prosecutors said the enterprise dated from 2007, and caused the exposure of personal information belonging to more than 100 million people (here).

The three were arrested in July this year but the news was hushed-up while a deal was negotiated between the US prosecutors and Israeli embassy.

By any measure, the data breaches at these firms were breathtaking in scope and in size, and signal a brave new world of hacking for profit,” said Bharara in a news conference in Manhattan.

This is not the first money scam pulled by Jewish crooks. Bernard Modoff, Jacob Ezra Merkin and Stephen Fienberg, who swindled $65 billion are Jewish. If one look around, he will find Jews as top money launderers in other western nations, such as, the Israeli Swiss banker Bruce Rapaport who was involved in $5 billion scandal, Australian banker Julius Meinly V, who defrauded $4 billion, Australian billionaire Beny Steinmetz, South African Barry Tannenbaum cashed in $1.5 billion in Pharma scam, Florida lawyer Scott Rothstein, Joel Steinger of Fort Lauderdale, Israeli-born Moldovan oligarch Ilan Shor, Rabbi Shlom Weiss, Hedge Fund founder Samuel Israel III, etc. (here).

In July 2009, five rabbis were among the 44 Americans including State Governors and lawmakers, arrested in New Jersey over an international money laundering scam – stretching from Jersey shore to Israel and Switzerland.

It’s interesting to note that Jewish crooks living outside Israel don’t like to defraud Israeli banks – but there is no shortage of Israeli Jews defrauding Holocaust bank accounts.


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