EP’s Jew Prez praises Iran’s role in region’s stability

Rouhani & Martin SchulzEuropean Parliament president Martin Schultz (Jewish) met Iran’s president Sheikh Dr. Hassan Rouhani and foreign minister Dr. Javad Zarif in Tehran on Saturday. During his meeting Schultz underlined Iran’s influential role in restoration of peace and stability in the region.

Iran is an important player in resolving the regional crisis and its role in establishing peace and stability is undeniable,” Schultz said.

Schultz, meantime, reiterated that Iran’s participation in the upcoming Vienna talks on Syria will be crucial.

The opposite side should also remain committed to its obligations and the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran and implement the agreement completely, precisely and on time,” Rouhani told Schultz.

Struan Stevenson, David Cameron’s Tory party’s former member in European Parliament blasted Martin Schultz for visiting Iran and Barack Obama for making the nuclear deal with Iran. He claimed that Schultz is shaking hand with Iranian leaders who are committed to destroy Israel. Stevenson also ranted Netanyahu’s lie that as result of the deal, Iran would have access to its $150 billion assets frozen over a decade ago, which Iran would use to support terrorism against the Zionist entity.

In July 2015, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew (Jewish) debunked the Israeli lie. “Iran will receive approximately $55 billion in sanction relief once the nuclear deal is implemented – a fraction of the $150 billion that critics of the government have claimed will go to the country,” he told a Senate committee.

In February 2014, Martin Shultz, a rabid pro-Israel Jew, was shouted-down by several Israeli Knesset members for accusing Israeli Jews of stealing Palestinian potable water. His statement made half of MKs walk-out of the chamber. Netanyahu said that Shultz, like many European suffers from selective hearing.

In May 2013, pro-Israel and anti-Muslim immigration crusader, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban’s government demanded a public apology from Martin Schultz for saying in an interview he gave to Belgian newspaper that “Hungary wants to count the Jews.”


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