Bachmann wants Jews to accept Jesus ASAP

Former 2012 GOP presidential hopeful, Michelle Bachmann, is one of those creepy American politicians who never think twice before selling their soul to the Devil (here, here, here). She along with Sarah Palin and Limbaugh were known as Musketeers of McCarthyism, lead by Sen. John McCain for their fear mongering against US minorities especially Muslims.

Limbaugh, Palin and Bachmann are the Three Musketeers of the new McCarthyism, who run on the platform of the Abbott and Costello of demagoguery and ineptness, Bush and McCain,” Brent Budowsky wrote at Jewish The Hill, on October 25, 2008.

Bachmann like anti-Muslim John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, etc. has a long history of blaming natural disasters for Washington’s throwing Israel under bus.

Now, Bachmann has some more good news for Israeli Jews. She wants them to convert to Christianity ASAP, so that her Lord Christ can save them from Muslim terrorists. She just came back from a trip to Holy Land, all paid by a Jewconservative Family Research Council.

Appearing on a radio program hosted by Israel-First Tony Perkins, head of FRC, she said that since Lord Christ is reappearing soon, Christians should try to bring more sheep including Jews to Christianity.

Bachmann’s love for the Jews remind me Moscow-based American Jewish journalist Mark Ames’ article, Save a Jew, Save yourself! published at Jew York Press on October 12, 2004.

The 65 million American Zionist Christians support Israel not to save Jews, but hoping to bundle every hairy Jewish ass up, airfreight them to the West Bank and East Jerusalem (once those areas are cleansed of Muslims), and use the Jews as bait to bring upon the Rapture, as kindling in the Apocalypse, the final battle that will bring Jesus back to earth. None of this can happen until every last Jew is penned into the occupied territories (here),” Ames said.

The Family Research Council founded in 1983, is a brain child of Hollywood actor/president Ronald Reagan administration. The FRC was declared an anti-gay hate group by Jewish rights group SPLC in 2010. But on April 13, 2010, the co-founder of FRC, Rev. George Alan Reckers was photographed arriving at the Miami International Airport with a young handsome male escort after having a ten day trip to Europe.

Last year, Israel’s top-paid propagandist, Abraham Foxman (ADL), chased Tony Perkins for comparing same sex marriage with Holocaust.

The gay would soon start rolling out of the boxcars as Nazi did to Jews,” Perkins claimed.

These are some of the morally corrupt sheep of Lord Christ.


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