US Congress: Europe must protect its Jews

On Tuesday, the US Congress unanimously (416-0) passed bill (H. Res. 354), calling upon US administration to use its muscles to force European governments to provide more protection to Jews living in their countries.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Christopher H. Smith (NJ-04) to counter rising hatred toward Jewish communities in the US and Europe as claimed by the faked poll conducted by Organized Jewry groups like B’nai B’rith ADL.

ADL’s new head, Jonathan Greenblatt, recently claimed credit for the federal government and 45 states and the district of Columbia for enforcing anti-hate laws. He also declared Jew child molester Leo Frank an American hero.

On Thursday, US Foreign Affair Committee headed by Jew Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida) passed a non-binding resolution condemning Palestinians for the current knife terror in Israel.

I’m not aware of the Congress asking Washington to protect American Muslims, who make the largest religious minority (6-9 million).

All 2016 presidential candidates from both Republican and Democrat parties are spouting hatred against Americans especially Muslim community in order to secure more point with the Jewish Lobby and Zionist Christian organizations.

In September 2015, the GOP’s frontrunner billionaire Donald Trump, while delivering a keynote speech at Tea Party rally against US-Iran nuclear deal, condemned Barack Obama for calling Iranian leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, Spiritual Leader. Listen to the Israeli whore below.

One has to excuse Donald Trump for his ignorance being raised in a country whose media is controlled by anti-Muslim Zionist Jews. Ayatullah Ali Khamenei is called Spiritual Leader because he was elected in 1989 as the Leader of Islamic Revolution by 78 members of Council of Guardians consisting of clerics, academics, politicians, artists, and labor representatives. Under country’s Constitution, the Spiritual Leader is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces, and has the final authority to confirm justices to country’s Supreme Court proposed by the elected government and ratified by the Majlis (parliament).

Khamenei, 71, who served the country as president for 8-year in the past, lives in a 3-bedroom bungalow with no servants. His wife does all the cooking.

But there are some things Trump family cannot do legally in Iran; no alcohol, no bikini, no drug trafficking, no gambling, no support for Israel (even though Iran has the largest Jewish community in the region outside Israel) and no money hoarding. Iranian have bad habit of hanging crooks like Donald Trump instead of rewarding them in the US and the EU.


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