Austria: Pro-Israel MP to resign over telling the truth

On Monday, Austria’s most popular anti-Muslim immigration opposition Freedom Party (FPO) expelled it MP Susanne Winter from the party and urged her to vacate her seat in the parliament.

Winter who is member of the Austria-Israel parliamentarian group, could not keep her mouth shut in accusing Jewish oligarchs for flooding Europe with non-White refugees especially from Muslim countries in order to destroy Europe’s white demographic majority.

EPO leader, Heinz-Christian Strache has slammed Ms Winter for her anti-Jewish exchange over her Facebook page last week. Her Facebook exchange is also condemned by leaders of ruling Social Democrats, parliament Speaker and even country’s president Heinz Fischer Fischer.

Heinz-Christian Strache, according to the Jerusalem Post (September 5, 2015) suggested that Europe should let in only Christians and Jews but not Muslims.

Winter, an MP since 2008, on Friday posted a link to an article in the German news magazine Der Spiegel that said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had blamed Europe’s migration crisis in part on what he described as a prominent financier’s support for human rights initiatives.

Another user responded to the posting with a comment that included the phrase, “The Zionist money-Jews worldwide are the problem,” according to Austrian media.

Winter replied: “You take the words out of my mouth. There is a lot I am not allowed to write. That is why I am all the more pleased by brave, independent people!”

On November 4, Jewish billionaire George Soro admitted that he wants to flood Europe with refugees because he is against national borders. George Soro and US State Department funded the 2009 Green Revolution to topple Ahmadinejad’s government in Iran.

The First Lady of Austria, Margit Binder Fischer is Jewish. Iceland’s First Lady, Dorrit Moussaieff’s mother was Austrian Jew. In September 2015, when Heinz Fischer visited Iran, he was barked at by Israeli and local Zionist dogs.


2 responses to “Austria: Pro-Israel MP to resign over telling the truth

  1. I disagree with simple-minded Winter: The European refugee crisis was/is caused by Germany-appendix Austria helping US Zionists to destabilize the Middle East.

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