Khamenei: Anti-US, anti-Israel slogans are kosher

ayatollahkhamenei[1]On November 4, 2015, the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Ayatullah Ali Khamenie, addressing thousands of university students on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the 1979 take over of the former US Embassy in Tehran threw water over the Zionists’ dream of ‘moderate’ Sheikh Hassan Rouhani as president and the recent P5+5 nuclear deal with Iran that would bring Iran under the influence of US-Israel hegemony.

Khamenei reminded the students that slogans, such as, Down with America or Down with Israel, shouted at pro-Palestine or anti-American rallies in Iran, are not meant for a new Holocaust of Israeli Jews, but against the anti-Iran policies of both governments.

He also warned the students and the rest of the nation that no matter what some people say, America is the same as in the past, because it’s controlled by a small minority of people who want to stab the Iranian nation in the back.

The fundamental point in understanding and analyzing the present circumstances and mapping out the future drive of the country lies in understanding the fact that the struggle of the Islamic Republic and the Iranian people against arrogance, despite remarks by some individuals, is not irrational or emotional, but a confrontation born out of wisdom and experience and supported by science,” Khamenei said.

Such slogans and burning of both American and Israeli flags are common features of anti-West rallies in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

On November 5, Israeli propaganda filth aka Memri commented on the ceremony by saying: “The fears in Khamenei camp that rapprochement with the US (desired by Rafsanjani camp) could harm the regime were clearly reflected in the claim that ‘Death to America’ slogan, the regime would lose its identity.”

The Memri moron in order to pour some of his Talmudic hatred of Goyim, added: It Is The Koran that Uttered The Slogan ‘Death to America’. In other words, the idiot believes that United States did exist in 630 CE! Turkish president Erdogan has claimed that Americana was discovered by Muslims long before Christopher Columbus found it accidentally (here).

Ran Baratz, Netanyahu’s new media Czar, has blasted Barack Obama ahead of Netanyah-Obama meeting at the White House. He has accused Obama of antisemitism on his twitter account over US-Iran nuclear deal. He also accused his fellow Jew John Kerry of having a brain of 12-year-old.

Watch Tehran celebration below.


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