Vienna Conference on Syria: Iran:1, US:0

IranFlag03[1]The third US-Russia sponsored conference on Syria in Vienna on October 30, 2015 had nothing new except a delegate from the Islamic Republic and Hotel Imperial’s lone Syrian waiter. The UN, EU and the rest of delegates from 16 states had already attended the earlier failed conferences at the same hotel.

After six hours growling, the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey agreed to what Tehran proposed last year; no regime change in Damascus or president Assad stepping-down. All 19 participants agreed on a 6-month ceasefire followed by presidential re-election. Last year, Bashar al-Assad won 7-year presidency in an election scrutinized by the UN and western NGOs.

Syrian deputy foreign minister, Faisal Mekdad, who visited Tehran on the weekend rejected Vienna conference call for the removal of president Bashar al-Assad after the 6-month ceasefire. Iranian press has called western claim a propaganda lie.

The Iranian delegation at the Syrian talks in Vienna completely denied the news about its agreement on the removal of the Syrian president within six months,” reported Quds Press.

As I said before, both Putin and Obama are no friends of Muslims. Both are pursuing Russian and American hegemony over Muslim world in order to destroy any future resistance to their combined baby, the Zionist entity. As geopolitical players, both Putin and Obama don’t want peace in the region. The Muslim leaders who trust either of them – are collaborating with anti-Muslim Zionists.

How much truth is in my above deduction? I recommend readers to listen to two Hindu scholars; K.P. Fabian, India’s former ambassador to Canada, Iran, Italy, Austria and Finland, and professor Vijay Prashad (Trinity College) – watch the video.


2 responses to “Vienna Conference on Syria: Iran:1, US:0

  1. No wonder, no one comments on a Putin-specialist like you.

    • I’m no ‘Putin-specialist’, but as Muslim I do smell skunk.

      On November 1, 2015, Isi Liebler, in an Op-Ed at Likud newspaper, The Jerusalem Post admitted the truth. He called Putin a ‘closet Zionist’.

      “He may also be highly sophisticated and pragmatic,” Liebler writes, “and having seen the outcome of Soviet anti-Semitism, may have come to a realization that Jewish support would represent an asset at many levels.”

      As I reported here earlier, Putin has built a $50 million Holocaust Museum in Moscow, and has never missed Hanukka celebration, and has at least six Jewish Oligarchs placed in high posts in his administration.

      Israel is happy to see Syria bleed to death by both the US and Russia and their allies just like Lebanon in the 1980s.

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