UK: Anti-Israel US student leader banned

SPLC-Extremist-Files-Matthew-Heimbach-1280x720[1]British Home Secretary, Theresa May (aka Israeli tank), just banned American student leader Matthew Heimbach, 25, from entering United Kingdom for being a threat to country’s 320,000-strong Jewish community. In support of her decision, May accused Heimbach of advocating racial segregation in United States, making antisemite statements and supporting anti-Israel terrorist organizations.

The UK’s Israel lobby, the Community Security Trust (CST), in a statement, has lauded May’s decision.

Heimbach, a White nationalist Christian, who founded the White Student Union at Towson University in 2013. Unlike other anti-Muslim White supremacist western leaders, he supports Hamas and Hizbullah against Israel. He has also stated that Jews are hated around the world for their support for the Zionist entity.

Israel lobby groups, such as, B’nai B’rith ADL and Jewish “civil liberties” group SPLC, have been chasing Heimbach from day one, and have labeled him “neo-Nazi”, “anti-Semite” and “Little Fuhrer”.

In addition to his making ‘politically wrong statements’, Heimbach is also accused of meeting Dr. David Duke who visited Iran and praised the country under Islamic rule (watch speech below).

Heimbach, who comes from Ohio, has defended in public his claim that Jews are destroying Europe’s Christian culture and driving Europeans to submission, and therefore, should be racially segregated.

If you ask the people of Palestine, the people of Lebanon – people all throughout the world that are dealing with international Zionism, they would agree with me on these subjects,” Heimbach told a Jewish reporter last year.

I believe in supporting all nationalist movements around the world. I published an article supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people to fight for an independent homeland. I support Hezbollah, Hamas, all Arab groups, many of whom are Muslim, who are fighting for independence. I see them as allies in an international war against globalism,” he added.

Heimbach who lives in Afro-American neighborhood in Baltimore, told Wes Enzinna of Vice Canada that he isn’t antisemite, and hates to be called neo-Nazi because he despise KKK, neo-Nazis and Hitler.


2 responses to “UK: Anti-Israel US student leader banned

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