Muslim Queen of ‘Great British Bake Off’

nadiya-h[1]Last month, Bangladeshi mother of three, Nadiya Hussein, was declared winner of the Great British Bake Off – a hugely popular televised baking competition in the UK.

Naturally, the Jewish media was not happy with a Muslim, and worse a non-White being voted as the ‘Bakers’ Queen’. The Daily Mail’s Jewish journalist and author, Australian-born Amanda Platell accused the Bake Off team for being too political correct, saying that one white contestant, Flora Shedden, didn’t have a hope with her chocolate carousel and that “if she had made a chocolate mosque, she would have stood a better chance.”

I think Platell was very modest. She knew in her heart that if Ms Shedden had made a chocolate Auschwitz door, she would have won the crown both hands down.

British people saw anti-Muslim hysteria during Jeremy Corbyn’s recent bid for the Labour Party leadership.

It seems while the British Jewish-controlled media and country’s Israel First government’s vicious propaganda to demonize Muslims and Islam has backfired. According to British media, more young Muslim women wear Hijab now than a decade ago, despite insulted and attacked by pro-Israel White racist thugs on streets and at campuses.

Hijab-wearers are appearing everywhere from fashion chains to the Great British Bake Off – it’s the celebration of diversity of Britain and good news for ordinary Muslims. When I began to wear a headscarf, one friend split no hairs, telling me I was bending to ‘male enslavement’,” says British journalist, editor and blogger Remona Aly.

The anti-Muslim propaganda lies, such as, British “jihadis” joining the US-Israel created Islamic state (IS) in Syria and Iraq, Pakistanis involved in gang rapes of White women (girlfriends and street hookers), and Muslims cause anti-Semitism in Britain have failed.

Ironically, it doesn’t bother UK’s elites that hundreds of British Jews have fought as volunteers for Israeli forces and most of rapists have been Jews and pro-Israel Christians. It’s needless to say that it was London that expelled English Jews for 350 years in the past when there was no Muslim lived in the country.

In 2011, both UK’s Telegraph and Daily Mail reported a great surge in young Brits converting to Islam. It’s reported that 75% of those converts are White women.

In December 2012, London-based Jewish think tank, Gatestone Institute reported that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Britain – not just because of immigration but also because of a huge numbers of White and Black folks converting to Islam.


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