US slams Kuwait Airways over Israeli passenger ban

Anthony Foxx, the Afro-American Czar od US Department of Transportation has threatened Kuwait Airways of legal action if the later continues its discrimination policy against Israeli Jew passengers flying to and from United States.

The Jewish Lobby hammer came down as result of the airliner’s refusal to let Iris Eliazarov, 26, board a flight from New York to London on November 1, 2014 because of her Israeli passport.

Michael I. Kraus in an article published at Jewish Forbes (November 1, 2015) had criticized Foxx of failing the Rosa Park test. He claimed that Israeli Jews are discriminated by country’s airline because Kuwaiti Arabs hate Jews. May be the Zionist moron doesn’t know that there are 1800 Black Jewish maids working in Kuwait and both Israeli and Kuwaiti politicians have been travelling between Israel and Kuwait.

Kuwait Airways is not the only Arab airline that boycott Israelis as required under the Arab League boycott of Israel.

Zionist Jews are known for never missing a chance to advertise their victim mentality. For example, in December 2014, a group of Israeli passengers sued American United Airlines for $460,000 as result of pilot’s delaying a flight from US to Tel Aviv by 28 hours on June 13, 2014.

In July 2015, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) called for boycott of German Lufthansa Airlines for omitting Israel from Middle East list of ‘two free bags’. The Organized Jewry began its ‘German Boycott’ in 1933 even before the rise Hitler that ended in WWII.

In August 2013, American Delta Airline was hounded by the Organized Jewry for refusing to serve Achva Halva snacks to its Jewish passengers. The sanacks are  produced in Israel’s illegal Jewish settlement, to an Israeli passenger on board.

In August 2015, Air France received the coveted award of ‘antisemitism’ for omitting Israel in on-flight map.

Spanish airline Iberia offended its Israeli passengers last month. While approaching Ben-Gurion airport, the pilot made overhead announcement, “landing in Palestine” in Spanish.

Last year, Netanyahu blasted Barack Obama for putting a ban on US flights to Israel for safety reasons during Israel’s 50-day war on Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Since 1976, the US Congress has passed several bills against boycotting Israel.

I’m sure after watching Israeli behavior on Israir fight from Tel Aviv to Bulgaria, Anthony Foxx may realize why it’s good for Kuwait airline to sell ticket to Israeli Jewish woman.


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