Pope Francis defends Jewish occupation of Holy Land

Last week I posted that Pope Francis is looking forward to meet his Handlers. Well, Francis certainly didn’t disappoint them. He told them that Europe’s ‘Chosen People’ had God-given right to occupy Holy Land. In other words, he told 1.2 billion Catholics and 0.5 million other Christians that it’s up to nine million Palestinians to liberate Holy Land if they don’t like the Jewish occupation.

In a meeting with the leaders of the World Jewish Congress at the Vatican, Francis told them that state of Israel has every right to exist, and Jews are free to do whatever they want to do – and criticism of both is antisemitism.

According to WJC’s statement released on October 28, Francis told WJC president Ronald Lauder and the Jewish Elders in a private meeting. “To attack Jews is antisemitism, but an outright attack on the state of Israel is also antisemitism. There may be political differences between governments and on political issues, but the state of Israel has every right to exist in safety and prosperity,” said Francis.

Lauder in response said: “Pope Francis does not simply make declarations. He inspires people with his warmth and his compassion. His clear and unequivocal support for the Jewish people is critical to us.”

Francis message is a green light for the Jewish extremists to keep murdering innocent Palestinian Muslims and Christians even small children based on their religious teachings. For example, in July a Palestinian infant, Ali Dawabshe, was burned to death by Israeli Jews. In October, an Israeli stabbed a fellow Jew in Haifa mistook him for an Arab.

Last week, UK’s veteran Jewish MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman, accused Israelis of faking knife-stabbings of Israeli Jews by Palestinians.

Pope Francis may be the first Jesuit pope, but the Jesuit Catholics have been collaborating with the Organized Jewry in United States, Russia and United Kingdom for centuries.

In September 2015, Israel’s religious high court (Sanhedrin) composed of 71 Jewish Sages had threated to put Pope Francis on Cross for denying that Biblical god never promised Holy Land to Jews. The threat was result of Vatican’s recognition of Palestinian state in 2013.

I never found shortage of morons among Christian Zionists. For example, ahead of Francis’s “landmark” visit to Holy Land last year – John L. Allen Jr., associate editor of Crux in his column, ‘All Thing Catholic’, at Jewish Boston Globe on May 17, 2014 wrote that the pope will be visiting Jordan, the West Bank and Israel which are considered the Holy Land. He also lamented that Christians made 20% of Palestinian population under Ottoman rule, but now that has been reduced to only 4%. But the moron was afraid to mention that 50% those Christians live in Gaza Strip, which according to him is not part of Holy Land.


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