Turkey’s “Islamists” are back!

1486091d-a6c0-3e22-b5fc-da4c4ec6505e[1]On Sunday, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s so-called “Islamist” AKP party returned to a one-party government by capturing more than 50%  (325 seats). Turkish prime minister Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu lauded the snap electoral success as victory for democracy.

In June, AKP lost its majority since 2002, mainly due to its anti-Syria policy which only benefits Israel in the region. The resumption of war against separatist Kurdish PKK militia was probably a big reason for this reversal. Turk majority is more concerned with country’s economy than fighting proxy wars for anti-Muslim powers.

With AKP’s majority in the parliament, Erdogan’s next step would be to get the Constitution rewritten to give him sweeping power like the US and Russian presidency. But, AKP still cannot bring that dream come true alone as it lacks the 75% votes in the 550-member parliament. Under Turkish Constitution, country’s president is directly elected on non-partisan basis.

The pro-Kurdish HDP which gained foothold in Turkish parliament for the first time in June 2015 by securing the minimum requirement of 10% votes, has increased its share this time – making it the fourth largest party in parliament for the first time.

Washington, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, and NATO are “excited” with the success of the “Turkish democracy”, as it’s bound to prolong Israel’s proxy wars in Syria and Lebanon, and force hundreds of thousands more Arab refugees to knock at the European doors.

Aykan Erdemir, former MP (CHP) and a senior fellow at Jewish think tank, Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, has claimed AKP victory for PM Davutoglu that could inspire him to “stop working under tutelage and shadow of of Erdogan. If the two fail to arrive at a modus vivendi about the future parameters of power sharing, election celebration could soon lead to infighting in the AKP ranks, adding further fuel to Turkey’s political chaos and conflict.”

Önder Sığırcıkoğlu, Turkish intelligence whistleblower who escaped to Syria last year – in an interview has claimed that Turkey is still ruled by Crypto Jews.

The AKP’s foreign policy has always been based upon pragmatism and negotiating its role as an important regional player which has resulted, not in the development of political Islam but in the emergence of Turkey as an important global actor, showing that recent claims and traditional understandings of the Justice and Development Party’s foreign policy as somehow Islamized are simplistic and derive from misleading theories and political propaganda (here).

On a positive note – Turkish lira strengthened after Sunday’s results.


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