Jimmy Carter: No peace in Syria without Iran’s help

On October 26, former US president Jimmy Carter penned an Op-Ed for The Jew York Times, entitled, A Plan to end the Syrian Crisis, in which he claimed that the US, Russia and United Nations cannot bring an end to the four-year-old bloodshed in Syria without the active participation of the Islamic Republic at the negotiations going on among the world powers and the supporters (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, France, and UK) of anti-government terrorists.

Jimmy Carter claims that he had talked to Bashar al-Assad for several hours when latter was studying in London. He said that Bashar’s father Hafiz Assad, who came into power via a military coup, was supported by people belonging to different faiths, Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Druze and  even Jews.

The involvement of Russia and Iran is essential. Assad’s only concession in four years of war was giving up chemical weapons, and he did so only under pressure from Russia and Iran. Similarly, he will not end the war by accepting concessions imposed by the West but is likely to do so if urged by his allies,” Carter said.

Jimmy Carter visited Tehran in 1978 and toasted for a long US-Iran friendship with King Reza Shah Pahlavi, who lost his throne to Islamic Revolutionaries a few months later.

In October 2014, during an interview with CNBC’s Jewish anchorwoman Tania Bryer reportedly said that if he wanted he could had vaporized the Islamic Republic during US Embassy crisis in November 1979.

Jimmy Carter is known as the Godfather of 1979 Camp David Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt that turned many Arab states against Palestinian cause. For his services to the Zionist entity, Carter was awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize.

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has been saying that for years, but the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel always objected to the suggestion.

Now that Barack Obama’s plan to sabotage Islamic Revolution from within has been put in place with the signing of a peace treaty over Iran’s non-existent nuclear bomb, both the US and Saudi Arabia have agreed to let Iran participate in the US-Russia-UN negotiation over Syria-vs-ISIS conflict.

On October 30, 2015, the group held a meeting in Vienna without Syrian representatives. Can you imagine AIPAC annual conference in Washington DC with Benjamin Netanyahu NOT being the keynote speaker?

I like to end this post with cry from Paul Craig Roberts: Bring Back Jimmy Carter.


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