Did Israel just shot-down a Russian passenger plane


On Saturday, a Russian passenger plane (Airbus A-321-200) carrying 217 passengers including 25 children blew-up in air 23 minutes after taking off from resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh for St. Petersburg in Russia. Everyone on board including seven crew-members died.

The plane is operated by Russian Metrojet. Its website identified the pilot, captain Valery Nemov with excellent flying record of 12000 hours. It also said that the aircraft was in good shape.

The Egyptian government of military dictator Gen. Sisi has called the accident a result of “crashed landing” due to some technical problems.

Now, here why I smell some rotten eggs in this story; 1) Gen. Sisi is a Crypto Jew and very popular within Israeli regime, 2) Israel has offered its “help” to investigate (remove any evidence of Mossad involvement as it did France, Argentina, Spain, Kenya, the US, UK, Turkey, etc. in the past) the accident, 3) US-Israel’s baby ISIS has taken credit for shooting the plane to revenge Russian airstrikes in Syria against anti-Assad rebels, 4) Egyptian Sinai Peninsula which borders Israel, was occupied by Israel for nearly two decades, 5) Egypt has welcomed Russian military involvement in Syria claiming that would root-out Salaafi/Wahabi terrorism, 6) Israeli poodle governments in Bonn and Paris have banned commercial flights over Sinai Peninsula, and 7) Rita Katz, the Jewish ‘video expert’ has already released a video in support of ISIS claim.

Russian Transport Ministry officials have rejected ISIS claim saying that “plane at 31K feet is outside MANPAD range”.

Mokhtar Awad, an analyst with the Center for American Progress, has also rejected ISIS claim – calling it “quite vague”. The Washington-based group was founded by Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, John Podesta (Jewish) in 2003.

Lt. Col. Stephen Avery, who had piloted Airbus 321 in the past, has also rejected IS claim in the video. He says that Airbus 321 doesn’t have the power to reach 31,000 feet range.

I’m surprised the Egypt, Israel and United States have not awarded the honor of planting a bomb inside the plane to anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood that supported Mufti al-Husseini against Jew settlers.

The shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile MANPAD has a maximum range of 1500 feet. The question is who provided the IS those missiles other than the US or Israel?

Based on the above facts, I believe it was a warning to Putin to get the hell out of Syria by USrael.


3 responses to “Did Israel just shot-down a Russian passenger plane

  1. yes israel was certainly involved and will blame it on Chechen rebels or whoever. Zionists cant see beyond their long noses.


    All the recent airplane crashes had the same pattern — usage of a bomb on a plane to conceal the testing of the direct energy weapon, probably with the elements of psychotronic weapons. The area of 18 km for the debris of the plane excludes the crash due to falling out of the plane’s tale, and even the surface-to-air missile. Israel is not a country, it is a military base of the transnational group of bankers, all of whom are Satanists. This group of Satanists is at war with Russia.


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