Pakistan refuses to freeze its nuclear program


The recent meeting between Barack Obama and Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif in the White House ended with the phrase, “agree to disagree” during latter’s 4-day “historic visit” to United States. Both countries remains divided over issues like Afghanistan, India, Iran and Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, which both the US and Israel have been trying to dismantle for decades.

Pakistan, like India, Israel and North Korea has resisted to sign NPT. Pakistan has a very small nuclear program with 725 MWe. It has bought nuclear reactors from China as under American pressure, Canada and France refused to sell nuclear reactors to Pakistan. Soviet Union, an Indian and Israeli ally, has also been against Pakistan or any other Muslim nation becoming a nuclear power.

Before Nawaz Sharif’s visit the US media had claimed that Obama would urge Pakistani leader to put a freeze on country’s nuke-production.

Earlier, two American Zionist think tanks had predicted that Pakistan is about to become world’s third largest nuclear power.

On October 30, 2015, Jewish International Business Times claimed the Iran’s former ‘moderate’ president Rafsanjani has revealed that Iran’s nuclear program was developed by Pakistan in the 1980s. May be the Zionist Hindu nuclear expert, Jigmey Bhutia, didn’t know that Iran’s nuclear program began in 1957 with a US built 5-mW research reactor. The reactor which King Reza Shah bought, was installed and put into operation by the US and Israeli engineers and technicians in 1967. That reactor is still being operated at less than 30% of its capacity to run a cancer isotope production facility at University of Tehran.

On October 29, addressing a seminar in Islamabad, Pakistan’s foreign secretary Aizaz Chaudhry warned the global powers to stop interfering in Pakistan’s nuclear deterrence.

Rather than making unrealistic demand on Pakistan to compromise its core security interests, the world powers must consider implications of their actions and policies,” he said.

The seminar, entitled, Defense, Deterrance and Stability in South Asia, was sponsored by two Zionist think tanks; the UK-based IISS and US-based CISS.

Aizaz said Pakistan was confronted with a credible threat from India which was pursuing “dangerous, provocative, and irresponsible” doctrine like Cold Start Doctrine and Protective Strategy and whose conventional military built-up was Pakistan specific.

Stockholm-based International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in its 2015 claimed that India has become world’s largest arms importer (here, here) during the last five year. Its import accounts 15% of world’s total sale. India has been buying arms from the US, Russia, France and Israel.

Aizaz said that the discriminatory nuclear cooperation agreements signed by the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) member countries with India and the waivers being granted to it were undermining strategic stability in South Asia.

Aizaz said that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is country’s deterrent against India and other regional nuclear powers hostile to Pakistan.

On November 9, 2011, former Israeli prison official, Jeffrey Goldberg, wrote at the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) website that Pentagon has devised secret plans to secure Pakistani arsenal – by force if needed. The NTI was established in 2001 by former Jewish Senator Sam Nunn, who still controls day-to-day activities of the group.


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