Saudi Ambassador slams Jeremy Corbyn

On Monday, in a front-page opinion post at UK’s pro-Israel newspaper Telegraph, Prince Mohammad bin Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, Riyadh’s ambassador in London, singled out British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for jeopardizing commercial relations between the two countries and undermining their shared strategic (pro-Israel and anti-Iran) interests.

The post entitled, How the Kingdom helps to keep the Peace, lists Riyadh’s role in funding ISIS and other Takfiri terrorists to bring regime changes in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran in order to destroy all regional actors challenging the US-Israel hegemony in the region.

The ambassador accused Corbyn for London’s cancelling $9 million deal to train Saudi prison officials. Jeremy Corbyn in a letter to prime minister David Cameron urged him to save the life of a Shia teenager Mohammad al-Nimr, who is condemned to beheaded for taking part in a 2011 anti-government protest when he was 17.

The ambassador was afraid to condemn the justice secretary, Michael Grove, an Israel-First, for making the said U-turn.

When it comes to killing innocent civilians and journalists (here) – Saudi Arabia has a long way to go to beat Israeli record.

We have a very open frank relationship, based on a very strong relationship in areas of trade, defense and security collaboration that allows us to talk about areas of concern, perhaps sensitive issues,” Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in Riyadh recently.

I don’t understand why the Saudi ‘royal’ is so pissed off over cancellation of the jail official training contract. May be he doesn’t know that Riyadh’s Zionist ally, Israel is providing such services in many countries including India, if the price is right.

When it comes to trade between the two kingdoms – the loser would be United Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is UK’s largest trade partner in the Middle East. Last year, UK exported goods worth $5 billion to Saudi Arabia while imported less than $1 billion.

Phillip Hammond has praised Saudi ‘royals’ for releasing a British Jews who was waiting to receive 350 lashes for carrying whisky in his car trunk.


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