UK’s Jewish MP: Israel fakes ‘knife terror’

On Tuesday, speaking in British parliament at a Palestinian Return Centre, veteran Jewish MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman accused the Zionist regime of fabricating the “knife terror” on Israeli civilians by Palestinian youth. He also accused the ruling Tory party of working for the “Jewish money”.

Israeli government has made up the recent spate of violent attacks on Israeli civilians in order to execute Palestinians. Since beginning of this month, Israeli forces have killed 52 Palestinians,” Kaufman said.

A friend of mine who lives in East Jerusalem, e-mailed me that more than half the stabbing claims were definitely fabricated. The other half, some were true, the others there was no way to tell since they executed the Palestinians and no one asked questions,” Kaufman added.

It’s Jewish money, Jewish donations to the Conservative Party – as in the general election in May – support from (Israel’s mouthpiece) Jewish Chronicle, all of those things, bias the Conservatives. There is a big group of Conservative members of the parliament who are pro-Israel whatever government does and they’re not interested in what Israel, in what the Israeli government does,” Kaufman said.

I’m sure MP Kaufman knows that his own Labour Party is controlled by the “Jewish money”. The Labour Friends of Israel are still running a smearing campaign against their new leader Jeremy Corbyn. In fact, all four British political parties are controlled by Jewish money.

Kaufman is a known critic of the Zionist entity. In the past, he had compared Israeli soldiers with the Nazi soldiers who killed his parents in Poland during WWII. Last year, he defended Hamas by saying that Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism.

The official story of the knife attacker Israa Abed – the Nazareth woman who was shot six times by Israeli police on October 9 – has been altered so many times by Israeli officials that it has become a joke.

Earlier this month, Tayeb Abd al-Rahim, spokesperson for Shimon Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi, Mahmoud Abbas, also made similar accusation against Netanyahu’s fanatic Jewish regime. “Israel’s right-wing government has brought the situation to the point of explosion, for more than one purpose. The first goal is an attempt to look as if Israel is the victim rather than the hangman. Israelis falsify stabbing with knives and fabricate the events,” he said.

Israeli version if always fabricated and false. After stabling, Israeli police asks the Jews gathered around the victim, “Where is the knife?” And there is always a Jew settler who produce a knife. The Israelis have knives ready in case they target someone. They have the knives ready,” claimed PA TV host.

On October 19, 2015, Israel’s veteran journalist and author, Gideon Levy, gave a speech at a Jewish gathering in New York in which he said that Israeli Jew occupiers are the “sole victims” in history. Listen to his speech below.


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  1. abbas at the Human Rights council yesterday regards Joop Jansen

    and have a look at the zionist performance ​today in the Netherlands : “”Abbas teach your children peace”!!! filthy scum…those christen zionists

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