Russia supports further break-up of Bosnia

On October 26, the 5-party Alliance for Change in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Serb entity, Republika Srpska, demaded its president Milorad Dodik to step-down and call early elections. Dodik, a staunch advocate of secession from Bosnia has long been accused of crimes and corruption.

Bolden by the break-up of Ukraine as result of the US-Russia imperial agenda in East Europe, Dodik has called the two-state solution of BH by the US sponsored anti-Muslim Dayton Peace Accord, “an impossible set-up to govern.”

Dodik has announced to hold a referendum on the anniversary of Dayton Accord with only one question: “Do you support the legality of union with Bosniak-Croat Federation.” Many observers in RP have claimed it to be an independence referendum which will give Dodik the power to obstruct the laws and institutions of the central government in Sarajevo.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has thrown his support behind Dodik as Moscow considers Dayton Accord as a Western challenge to Russia’s historic domination of the Balkans where Muslims make a majority.

The fear of Muslims became a part European culture since Muslim army entered Spain via Jabal al-Tariq (Gibraltar) in 711 CE and conquered 80% of the country in the next three years. European fought eight Crusades to destroy Muslim power but failed. Then came the Ottomans, who occupied several parts of Christian heartland. The fear of Ottoman in the Balkans is still manifested when Christian mothers scare their kids by saying: “Turks are coming, Turks are coming.” Since the establishment of the Zionist entity in once Ottoman-rule Palestine – the old Muslim-fear is being whipped by the Zionist leaders and Jewish-controlled media. They paint Muslim immigration as part of Islamic agenda to re-conquer Europe by replacing the White race as majority. American professor and author John Esposito debunked this lie in February 2011.

This was the very fear of a Muslim-majority state in Europe which united all western nations to kill the dream of Bosniak Muslims to establish a country of their own in the 1990s.

British historian and author of several books on Bosniaks, professor Marko Attila Hoare’s blog is a good source to understand the plight of Muslims in Bosnia and the rest of Balkans.


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