Jew scholars: Let’s boycott Israel to save it from doom

On October 23, 2015, two American Jewish professors Steven L. Levisky, 47,(Harvard University) and Glen Weyl, 30, (University of Chicago) penned an Op-Ed, entitled, We are lifelong Zionist. Here is why we’ve chosen to boycott Israel for The Washington Post. In it the two Zionists try to whitewash the Zionist curse put on the Jews by the leaders of the World Zionist movement.

The two law and economic professors claim that the current Zionist regime’s policies don’t reflect the dream of the Fathers of the Zionism; an occupation of a foreign land to protect Jewish people from another European Holocaust – the Jewish occupation state would be democratic, embracing the universal human rights values: a lesson learned from the last Holocaust 70 years ago.

Both admit that Israeli government’s “undemocratic measures undertaken in pursuit of Israel’s survival, such as the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the denial of basic rights to Palestinian living over there, were understood to be temporary.”

One wonder why they ignored to include East Jerusalem in the territories occupied during Israel’s 1965 aggression and is considered a disputed city by United Nations and even by Israel’s godfather, United States.

Both Levisky and Weyl have urged the Zionist regime that the world-wide economic boycott of Israel is hurting its economy which, like apartheid South Africa, is ushering the Zionist dream toward a doomed scenario.

Both have thrown their support behind BDS and declared their support for a single state with equal rights for both the native Muslim and Christian Palestinian and the foreign Jews.

I’m in the position to predict Israel’s doom as Dr. Henry Kissinger did three years ago, but I do agree with American Jewish author David Harris-Gershon, who wrote on October 24: “These two men will likely be called self-hating Jews as a way to discredit their position. They will be smeared as seeking Israel’s destruction by those who believe supporting Israel means shielding its geo-political policies from rebuke, no matter how destructive. The problem they will face is this: Levitsky and Weyl have presented their case in such a way that these attacks will immediately reveal themselves as hollow and reflexive. As having no substance other than the fear and zero-sum tendencies which produce them.”


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