Canada’s two anti-Muslim leaders hit dustbin

Canada’s two political leaders, ex-PM Stephen Harper of Conservative party, and Gilles Duceppe of Bloc Quebecois (BQ), have announced their departure from the country’s political scene, but certainly not gracefully. Both used Islamophobia and support for the Zionist entity against its Palestinian victims. For Gilles Duceppe it’s his second good-bye, and a great majority of Quebecers wish the racist stay away for goods.

Duceppe who openly said that he would never join Harper’s Conservatives to form next Quebec government, fully agrees with Harper when it comes to Muslim women wearing Hijab, and blind support for Israel.

The Liberals and New Democrats believe that Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois’ drive to ban the Hijab from citizenship ceremonies has more to do with wedge politics than with principle. They argue that an inevitable by-product of Harper-led crusade against Hijab is to stoke anti-Muslim prejudice against one-million-strong Muslim community to serve Israeli interests in Canada.

A few months ago, when NDP leader, Tom Mulcair, who is known for his blind support for Israel, took a moral stand against Hijab ban – Duceppe and his party put an advertisement in a leading local newspaper – depicting a river of black oil that transformed into a scary and sinister looking woman wearing a black Hijab.

In the recent election, the BQ won only 10 seats out of the 75 it contested. Justin Trudeau, the next prime minister of Canada, was elected from Montreal’s riding of Papineau. His party won 40 seats in Quebec provincial parliament.

The voters of Laurier-Sainte-Marie, in the heart of Montreal, who told one-time decent and respectful leader, who in this campaign, was willing to resort to an appeal to racism to FUCK OFF. Good riddance Gilles – and here is hoping that any politicians who might be tempted to stoop to your tactics in the future take heed,” wrote Karl Nerenberg, Montreal-born Jewish reporter, filmmaker and author, on October 22, 2015.

Canadian journalist and author, Eric Walberg in his October 22 column at Egypt’s oldest weekly newspaper Al-Ahram has claimed that Canada’s former prime minister Stephen Harper took his ruling Conservative party down the drain after nine year as result of his blind support for the Zionist entity and spreading fear of Muslims.

The topless Pussy Riot group, FEMEN, beside protesting naked in front of churches and Islamic centers, also hate Hijab. The Ukraine-based group has chapters in nine cities across the world including Paris, Tel Aviv, London Frankfurt. The group has long become a darling of pro-Israel mainstream media. So whose dirty hands are behind this group of ‘human filth’? According to an article published in Russian newspaper PRAVDA, the group receives funding from American Zionist Jew businessman Jed Sunden (here).

Last month, two naked women belonging to FEMEN interrupted a Muslim conference on women rights in Paris (watch a video below). Jewish propaganda outlets like UK’s Daily Mail, Global News, Breitbart, Pamelageller, Times of Israel, UK’s Independent, IBTimes, UK’s Telegraph, Jerusalem Post, Huffington Post, The Muslim Issue, Defending Iranian Democracy, etc. called the removal of the two naked hookers from the stage by police, as “brutality against women rights activists”.


One response to “Canada’s two anti-Muslim leaders hit dustbin

  1. Good riddance to the neoZion-con fundamentalist fanatics.

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