UK: Jewish Warden found guilty of 25 rape charges

Yesterday, Oxford Crown Court, found Trevor Bolton, 78, former teacher at Jewish Carmel College, guilty of all 25 sexual charges committed with boys aged 11 to 15 during 1968-1988 when he was warden of the college boardinghouse.

Bolton was reminded in custody, with sentencing expected today.

Prosecuting at Oxford Crown Court, Simon Wilshire said that Bolton would “systematically identify and then target boarding pupils who were particularly vulnerable, be it through homesickness or bullying. He would win their trust by showing affection and providing emotional support before gradually grooming them to perform sex acts on him as well as assaulting them.”

Adrian Foster, chief crown prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service said that as a warden at the school, Bolton had “abused his position of trust and took advantage of his status to systematically prey on vulnerable or homesick young boys by inviting them to his flat to watch TV and smoke. He then abused them for his own sexual gratification.”

Carmel College was Jewish, a mixed boarding school, which ran from 1948 till 1997. The college was founded by Rabbi Yaacov Kopul Rosen (d. 1962) on the banks of the Thames and made use of the manor house which already occupied the site, which was the inspiration for the mansion in Agatha Christie’s “Mouse Trap”. The college was closed down in 1997 due to mismanagement and lack of students. However, the campus synagogue and Julis Gottlieb gallery are well kept and draw lot of Jewish tourists.

Rabbi Rosen, who lived all his life in Britain, was buried near Netanyahu’s grandfather at Mount of Olives cemetery in Jerusalem built over an Arab cemetery for over 1300 years.

The child sex abuse is quite common within the Jewish communities including rabbis and political leaders in United Kingdom (here, here). Also watch a video below.


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