German author condemned for equating Jews with Muslims

Pirincci_Bachmann[1]Turkish-born anti-Muslim German author, Akif Pirincci, 56, is condemned by German Holocaust industry and his German Jewish publisher Random House for equating Syrian refugees with Jews while calling Muslims, “who pump infidels with their Muslim juice.”

On Monday, Pirincci was one of the speakers at anti-Muslim German racist PEGIDA’s first anniversary rally in Dresden (Germany). During his 25-minutes speech, he spilled his anti-Muslim filth which was applauded by thousands of pro-Israel German Christians and Jews. However, when he suggested that the only way to solve the increasing Muslim population (4 million) in Germany would be to bring back the so-called concentration camps. But when he said that “unfortunately, those concentration camps are out of action” – the cheering crowed started booing him.

The International Auschwitz Committee branded the concentration camp comments as a disgusting signal of shamelessness. State prosecutors in Dresden also said they would be investigating Pirincci’s remarks, on suspicion of hate speech.

The PEGIDA co-founder, Lutz Bachmann (a Crypto Jew), also condemned Pirincci’s comments and apologized to Jew around the world on his Facebook page.

On Tuesday, Random House terminated all its contracts with Akif Pirincci, saying: “The protection of democracy and human rights is for us a key part of our publishing creativity, as well as respect for traditions and the desire for cultural diversity,” Random House wrote on their website, adding that Pirincci’s statements “are conflicting to these values.”

The founder of Israeli front, the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson, 32, (born as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, Jewish) also addressed the rally. He told the crowd: “Don’t let Germany be dragged back to chaos and destruction. all of your progress is threatened. Your current chancellor Angela Markel seems to handing out birth right of German citizen like she is handing out candy to children.” It seems Tommy really believes that WW II was started by Syrian refugees and not the Jews. Tommy left EDL in 2013, but is back. He delivered his first anti-Muslim speech in Holland last week.

A few month ago, PEGIDA rally in Frankfurt was addressed by an Israeli Jew who equated Muslims with Nazis, murderer and rapists- despite the fact that there were 150,000 German Jews in Nazi army as compared to not a single Muslim. There was no crying WOLF from the Jewish Lobby then. Watch the ‘dancing’ Israeli joker below.

On February 10, 2015, America’s oldest newspaper, The Jewish Daily Forward admitted that many Jews support PEGIDA based on their common Muslim enemy. The group has held anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rallies in Britain, Austria, Sweden, Holland, and Australia.


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