Lebanese FM: Israel is behind regional terrorism

جبران باسیل وزیر خارجه لبنان

Lebanese foreign minister Gebran Gerge Bassil, who is currently visiting the Islamic Republic, urged the Arab world to confront the Zionist entity and the foreign funded terrorists in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Bassil met Iranian president Sheikh Dr. Hassan Rouhani, foreign minister Dr. Zarif, Speaker Ali Larijani and Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior adviser to country’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei.

On Sunday, during a meeting with president Rouhani, Bassil told his host that “the Islamic Republic of Iran can be the flag bearer of democracy in the region.” He also praised Iran for permanently helping Lebanon to fight Israeli terrorism.

Bassil, has visited Iran on several occasions in the past, but this is his first visit since he was elected leader of Lebanon’s Free National Movement. In an interview with IRNA Bassil said that the so-called P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal will alter regional and international equation in favor of Iran.

He called for formation of a front comprising Sunni, Shia, Kurd and Christian forces for fighting Tafiri terrorists.

On Russia’s involvement in anti-terror campaign in Syria, he said that Russia took the steps following incompetence and inability of the US-led coalition.
Some 80 countries led by the US had entered the war against ISIL since 16 months ago, but they were completely a failure,” Bassil said.

As to Iran-Lebanon ties, he described bilateral ties as excellent, saying that today, Iran is ready to help Lebanon as it did during conflict with the Israeli occupying entity. “Today, Iran is ready to provide the Lebanese army with arms and contribute to its economy but the sanctions deprived Lebanon of economic cooperation with Iran,” he said. Bassil hoped that Lebanese Middle East Airlines would launch direct flights between Tehran and Beirut in future.

Bassil (born in 1970) is former energy minister and son-in-law of Gen. Michel Aoun, an ally of Islamic Resistance Hizbullah.


2 responses to “Lebanese FM: Israel is behind regional terrorism

  1. The biggest mistake that the U.S. made- and continues to make- is keeping the Kurdish PKK militias on the “terrorist” list. This should have ended right after the PKK aided the escape of the Yezidi refugees from being slaughtered by the ISIL/ISIS forces. It’s only because the U.S. has to “appease” the Turks to keep the airbase operating. The Turks have supported ISIS ever since they began their attacks on the Kurds and the syrian military, which Erdogan despises. ^..^

    • PKK aided Yezidi to escape where? Netanyahu has refused to accept refugees from the region unless they’re Jewish.

      PKK is part of Turkish opposition party since it won more than the necessary 10% votes. Like the ISIS, PKK is also linked to Israel and Jewish Lobby thanks to 100,000 Jewish Kurds living in the Zionist entity.

      “From the 1990s on, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) maintained relations with Kurdish officials since “pro-Israel Jewish activists viewed support for the Kurds, a small nation struggling for self-determination in a hostile Arab neighborhood, as helping Israel reach out to a natural ally.” According to Morris Amitay, AIPAC’s executive director from 1974 to 1980, “Our Israeli friends always appreciated our friendship with the Kurds.” Amitay’s son, Mike Amitay, also served as executive director of the Washington Kurdish Institute (WKI) from 1996 to 2005. The WKI he helped establish addressed a wide range of issues affecting Kurdish communities in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Under Amitay’s direction, WKI and its partners initiated humanitarian medical and research programs in Iraqi Kurdistan to address long-term health effects of exposure to chemical weapons. Similarly, WKI established community-based health education and social service delivery programs operated by women in isolated rural areas,” wrote Ofra Bengio at Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum, Summer 2014.

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